Introducing… Blaenavon


If you type in the words ‘Blaenavon’ and ‘band’ into Google, it is likely you will come across a number of websites dedicated to a local brass band. Don’t give up here though as another handful of websites crop up for the Welsh town of ‘Blaenavon’. You’ll need to look a bit deeper than this.

Under the radar is a three piece band who will slowly but surely emerge to the surface; so long as they keep up to the same quality of their debut single.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, ‘Blaenavon’. With a name that could only be cut by a Welshman’s tongue and an image that looks as if they’ve been dragged through Topman, this three piece appear far from one dimensional.

As young as they are (16/17 years old), these teenagers may just be here to enjoy themselves, however, their music is serious stuff. In ‘Into the Night’ there is a hint of Bombay Bicycle Club as a memorable, funky, typically indie guitar riff follows wailing vocals. In ‘Denim Patches’ there’s a whiff similar to the Maccabees’ Orlando Weeks’ quivering vocals leading up to an organised mess of crashing symbols.

Whilst the likes of Bombay and The Maccabees are still cutting it, ‘Blaenavon’ may soon be following quickly behind, breathing fresh air down the necks of the indie bands ahead of them.

For fans of: Bombay Bicycle Club, The Maccabees.

Listen to: ‘Into the Night’, ‘Denim Patches’.

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