Do we wanna know?


Is it time for fans to get on their dancing shoes again or is it time take them home?

A few weeks ago Arctic Monkeys pulled their usual stunt, which has become an expected event reoccurring at this time of year, every other year. Yes folks, another Arctic Monkeys single, which means only one thing – album number 5.

They seem to do it each time; churn out the goods, but each time wrapped up and sealed completely differently. Some may call it maturing, others may call it experimenting. With new single ‘Do I Wanna Know?’, the 4 piece have clearly continued on the road continuing on from ‘R U Mine?’, we wonder just how long it will be until Turner and co. are living their lives through rhetorical questions.

‘Do I Wanna Know?’ gives us a glimpse into the possible new sound that Arctic Monkeys are taking. Meaty riffs, stomping drums and the return of Turner’s smooth lyrics. Oh how we’ve missed them. Not quite up to the pace of ‘Dancing Shoes’ or ‘I Bet That You…’ but the new sound cuts to the core as Alex Turner flicks lyrics from his tongue. Many would be critical of anything the band have written after the first two albums, even the first (if you’re an ignorant bastard who maintains the view of, ‘well they’ll never top so and so’). This may be true, but ask yourself, if this were a different band there would we not enjoy this music? No, because it’s a thundering raucous affair.

This will always be the sad truth about the Sheffield foursome, but they’re one of the only groups who have the ability to re-generate each time and as soon as they think they’ve lost us, they win us back. The day Matt Helders stops playing gigs in his trackies is the day we’ll no longer wanna know, and quite frankly, that day is not soon.

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