Interview with Trasvorder

This week Hey Indie had the pleasure to interview the great argentinian ambient band, Trasvorder.

HI: Which are your influences to write music?
T: My musical influences are very wide, I don’t know, I should named a lots of bands. But my biggest influence is what happens and what I listen every day.

HI: Why have you decided to have such an elaborated artwork? And when did you start to do it?
T: Collage to Infinity is a very recent project, the first collage I did on was November 17, 2012. I think it was the decantation for my obsession with visual arts, during the first month of 2012 i did a tumblr called “galleart”, where I share a lot of images and things I lke, this collages are like a mix of all the things that are there for moments.

HI: Do you think your artwork influence your songs?
T: I feel a big connection between my two ways of expressing (art and music), so I think if I paint something it is going to connect with my way of writing music, so yes! both of them are always connected.

HI: How do you define your sound?
T: I prefer not to qualify myself, I don’t feel confortable dividing stuffs, I don’t believe in comparisons or divisions, I like to enjoy the sound or whatever is there, like something unique always, is enough to appreciate the work like something ambiguous , everyone can classify it or not.

HI: What would you like to do in a near future? release an album or EP?
T: For now I`m very concentrate with some music for a film, maybe after this experience , I’ll take the road for the new production for the next long duration of Trasvorder.

Here you can listen their albuns:



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