BAND OF THE WEEK: Tail Feather (UK)

This rock’n’roll band here is stricly blasting us away since we got in touch with ’em later last week. There is surely a total wave of psycho bands or retro-rock epicness to be found. There are already few names as Tame Impala, Pond, Temples, Toy or the swiss Rockband Wet Moss, wich I like very much (check ’em out if you haven’t yet). . . and even more. If you try to focus on small (still small) bands you surely will find nothing, it’s very hard to get in touch or even find them on the internet, as the new bands aren’t very easy to look up.

So here we found something at the very end, and in this case a band in THE VERY BEGINNING: Tail Feather – Fucking rad stuff straight outta UK man. This is slightly psychodelic neo hippie soundscaping – It’s more something like, you just jump into the world of very nice music and dimensions and you do forget everything, and we mean EVERYTHING around you. Tail Feather – Jesus Christ in heaven we thank you for these people.

We got you, dear follower of Hey Indie!, a little interview about how they struggling with them selves, check it out now (it psychs so brother):

1. Tail Feather. What a sexy name. To what do you shake YOUR tail Feathers?

“To whatever keep us grooving! We do love a good adventure.”

2. Where do you guys come from and what is there to be found (other bands, cults or scenes) ?

“Well we tend to write a lot of our songs in the countryside. The big cities and towns will always steal your sleep.

Check out a band called ‘Tripwires‘. It’s great for baking.”

3. Tell us about your gear.

“Guitar-wise we use Fender Jag’s/strats, Epiphone Casinos, and a nice Danelectro DC59 12 string. These all run through an orange twin, and a Fender Deluxe amp; which help us to get the old blues sound. Our bassist uses a flat-wound American jazz bass through an Ashdown ABM 500 Evo II, whilst the drummer smashes the shit out of Gretsch jazz kit.”

4. If you drink, what would it be while you smash yourselves to epic badness in creating sounds?

“Something so dodgy we’d be dripping off the walls.”

5. What the fuck is wrong with you in generally, that you got 400 Fans on facebook? This seems to be surreal? You’re a young band?

“Well we’ve been around for a year writing playing only a handful of gigs. ‘Spellbinder‘ was our first single, and we plan to release our second single in October.

In the meantime we just like to enjoy it.”

(Let me tell you one thing, and one thing only: These guys… “Rad”)


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