Wild, fresh and fruity: The Anecdotes (UK)


Wild, fresh and fruity, that’s how I might wanna describe these Warrington lads. But you surely don’t want to leave it like this. Their demos are very promising if you are comfy with sounds like those from Peace, Palma Violets or Early Maccabees. Wildish toddlers, stealing others milkbottles – With guitars. The sounds are still very young and there is hardly a point to be found in the end of the Tracks. I guess in time this will come and we hope to hear more of these guys. Amazing afternoon-cocktail music. Origami Waves EP is a well stepped up game if you listen to their older sounds. Long sung words, nirvanish. So perfect for the actual time: 90’s distorted-Music.

Listen to their Demos/EP NOW:


Written by Nicolas Streichenberg



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