Interview: SEA+AIR


I could’ve punched myself into my face, because I missed them on the past Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. Finally they made it to my hometown Baden in Switzerland. Yesterday they showed what they got…

The heart of the rainbow.

A song when you’ve heard it, you just can’t get it out of your mind. It’s something magical and it also possesses you right after you heard it.

The pretty lady on the harpsichord (and about 4098 Instruments more) and the “stachy” guy on the drums and guitar (and also 389 more Instruments) proofed that you can excactly sound like a ten-man band with only two ppl. Exciting to see them. Exciting to watch them live. EXCITING to have a little chat with these german lovely ones, SEA+AIR:

1. First song you’ve heard that came out of some speakers?

“Nirvana. But I just forgot what song it was. Something from “In Utero” I supposse.”

2. SEA+AIR. Why is there a plus in the middle?

“Because there is a whole cosmos of mysteries behind it.”

3. Your favorite instrument?
“The harpsichord at the moment of course. We recorded it on our album too.”

4. Name instruments on wich you’ve never, but like to have been playing on…

“Mellotron + (!) Sitar”

5. What is there to come for SEA+AIR?

“Only two months and then we celebrate our two years/500th show concert tour. A second album is, as I guess, our plan. Becoming better and following the long way of being the most successful E-Music Superstars.”

Well I must say, they are on the right way and we wish these lovely souls: ALL THE BEST. KEEP ON EXPERIMENTING WITH SOUNDS, because… You’re awesome. Peace out.

Touch the cover with your mouse to listen their complete album “My Heart’s Sick Chord” on spotify.185478_216375701741424_7224177_n

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