Introducing… BRNS

Brussels is the place. BRNS is the name.

If you’re like us and you’re a sucker for catchy indie-pop, bursting with life then you’ll get stuck into this band straight away. ‘Mexico’ is a jangling, bouncy number, with a memorable chorus; the type you’d expect to feature on one of these reality shows like Made In Chelsea which seem to be endlessly endorsing these happy go lucky alternative tunes.

On the other hand, there’s much more to BRNS. Take ‘Here Dead He Lies’ for instance, which is almost tribal in it’s approach, combining echoey chanting with rumbling drums, it could almost have been included in Foals’ ‘Holy Fire’. The enchanting undertone of jingling bells proving that BRNS do not fall into the category of a one-dimensional band.

We had the fortunate opportunity to interview Antoine Cesar from the band during their current tour in Switzerland:

1. Hey Antoine Cesar, how’s it going, which venue are you coming back from at the moment?

 We’re coming back from Monthey Switzerland where a local group supported us by playing a cool set.

2. BRNS is one of the biggest Belgium export indie bands, what others are there ?

 Girls in Hawaii, check them out. They’re great and also touring in Switzerland…

3. Your Up and Down Album of the moment?

 Mac de Marco /Jeune Nicolas Savage / A Bath

4. BRNS Album is a fantastic journey of sounds. What’s your favourite gear and tell us about where it was used…

 So many instruments actually, sometimes we fail ourselves playing the right percussion which was used on the album…

5. Zürich is a place where you’ve been couple of times. What’s your favourite city you’ve been visiting with your Band ?

Plaza TOY odd chlidler. first gig in switzerland..

 6. What’s next for the “Heavy Poppers” ?
 We play a big tour in France, through the whole of France, we can’t wait for that. We soon return to the studios and record another album with an extremely amazing and exciting producer, we are not telling yet…
If you want to hear what BRNS have to offer, (we certainly think you should), then head over to

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