INTERVIEW // The House

avatars-000049519842-ez5g5s-t500x500Another great pop band from denmark showing their love for downtempo moves and nice arrangements. We caught them up on soundcloud and listened “Talk” and it really reminds us from the early 00’s Morcheeba or some tunes out of the hands of The xx. If you listen to more of the tracks it gets also little bluesyer. Perfect for a sunday morning alongside a hot coffee after a long night and a short sleep… A nice thing. We thought it would be interesting to know a bit more about what they’re doing. Here you go:

1. Hi there Morten, how’s about, what have you been up to?

We have been in a very productive period over the last year where we have written, produced and recorded 12 songs where most of them are available on our Soundcloud page ( both for stream and free download. This summer we have been playing a handful of very succesfull gigs, most recently in an old movie theater, dressed up as hillbillies smeared in blood.


2. What’s the latest thing you’ve been listeing to and tell us a bit ’bout that.

Right now, as we speak, we’re actually listening to the old Portishead album Dummy. A huge inspiration for the band along with Massive attack. In fact we’re mostly inspired by bands from the nineties such as Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Deus, the flaming lips, Kent and maybe even a lot of old school hip hop.


3. Tell me about your band, what is it all about?

We are a core of three and a wing man dj feeding us with beats. We are located both on Bornholm, a small island in the Baltic sea and in Copenhagen, which we think shines through in our music. The contrast between big city life and the isolated living on a small island with beautiful nature. We are a modern band in terms of how we create our music, from the top of our heads, straight on to the computer, cutting and pasting, fucking things up until it puts a smile on our faces. Basically there are rules or genre. If it sounds cool it is cool.


4. Any further releases coming soon?

As soon as we finish a song we post it straight on Soundcloud and we intend to do that so if people drop by Soundcloud there should be something new every 4-6 weeks. Right now we are working on two songs that might be posted in a very near future.


5. Any band you could reccomend?

Our guitar player is very influenced by the xx and sadly, our singer is having an awkard inspirationel affair with a LA based diva by the name Rihanna. Our bassplayer is watching the Seinfeld show for the shear enjoyment of the slap bass breakers. Among other Danish bands we strongly recommend Choir of young believers, Veto, i got you on tape, my evil twin and of course the house (


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