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Over the past few weeks, we’ve brought you new and exciting bands in the field of indie music. This week it’s the turn of Nick Wilson. Okay, he may not be a band but with a voice so sweet and a guitar so gentle it’s hard for the 18-year old singer songwriter to go unnoticed. A young man who’s narrative lyrics of growing up and falling in love seem so relatable as he and many of his fans go through these constant changes. Now at university, Nick tells us how it has only helped his musical career as he steers away from his popular covers and into his own niche.

A growing YouTube hit, he now embarks on his biggest adventure yet. As he awaits the release of his upcoming debut EP ‘Darkest Hour’ on 11th November, he will also be gearing up to a support slot with Gabrielle Aplin just three days later at London Shepherds Bush Empire. A first taste at the big time could be something that he may just have to get used to. We were fortunate enough to not only grab Nick for an interview but he has also given us access to a preview of a new track off his debut EP. Enjoy.

Hey Nick, how’s it going?

Why hello there! It is going delightfully thank you!

Having recently gone to uni, have you managed to still keep writing and playing music regularly? Has anyone recognised you at all? 

Since being at uni, i’ve actually written a song, which is actually going to be on the EP, so writing is definitely happening! It’s quite handy having a lot of free time to myself and the four day weekend of my timetable has given me a lot of time to work on music stuff particularly, along with sitting around doing nothing but eat super noodles. I haven’t been recognised as such, but i’ve got a few hundred flyers with me that my flatmates have plastered all over our flat door, so (I think) new people have been introduced to my music at least!

Your EP comes out in a couple of weeks. It’s titled ‘Darkest Hour’. Can you shed some light on the darkest hour you’ve had? 

It does indeed! The darkest hour i’ve ever had was probably back in my early childhood years when I was trapped in a washing up basket during a game of hide and seek. But in all honesty, joking aside, the EP I think isn’t supposed to highlight mine, or anyones ‘darkest hour’, but it’s more of a realisation that, for anyone, something better will always follow. If that makes any sense…

What are we likely to hear from the EP?

I think this EP is more mature than my other singles, for me anyway. I’ve put a lot of emotion into it and it has more raw-ness (if that’s a word) so hopefully it will be a more personal and fulfilling record. You can expect harmonies too, i’m a sucker for harmonies.

Can you tell us a bit about the preview of the next song your releasing today?

Sure! It’s a preview of the title track, Darkest Hour, and the song is basically about you’re other half seeing you at you’re lowest, most vulnerable points, but helping you through them, and vice versa. It’s pretty much a depressing love song haha, but it does have a deeper meaning.

Finally, congratulations on winning the competition to support Gabrielle Aplin! Is she an idol of yours and how are you going to prepare for the gig?

Thanks a bunch! I’m still in denial that i’m actually gonna be supporting her. I wouldn’t say she is an idol as such, i’ve only recently discovered her in the past year or so, but she is an incredible artist, and I feel so honoured that she chose me to support. I never really prepare for gigs as such anyway, for me I feel a gig is better and more unique and enjoyable when I play around with songs on the night. Obviously I need to know the lyrics, and will probably prepare more for this as it is huge, but the same (kind of) rules apply!

Check out the preview for Nick Wilson’s next track on his debut album right here:

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