BAND OF THE WEEK: New Electric Ride

Another great week. Another great week with super good psychadelic/neutro music. This time, New Electric Ride is bringing you the freshest music out of their new self-titled EP. What you’re about to explore are SOUNDS, MORE SOUNDS, AND EVEN MORE SOUNDS. Amazing compositions. Chilled-out keys and quite smooth and oriental experiments & instrumenting. It isn’t a “once in a life time” experiance though, but if YOU are a music lover, you know exactly what we’re talking about here: Late 60’s psychadelic stuff that Lou Reed or Kevin Parker would approve that they are New Electric Ride’s influences.

Their music is something really worth for taking a ride on… Wanna take one? Yeah I know you want.

All Who You Know” (do not read further until you’ve seen this very beautiful motion picture ok ? cheers) is a brand new track and it’s music inside of it’s phenomenal and tremendously good atmosphere is KICKING ME away.

D’you know the song Remember Me by Blue Boy ? Well Tame Impala made a nice cover once. All I wanna say “All Who You Know” got something like the same flair for it’s atmosphere. A better one if you ask me.


We caught up with Jack Briggs, one of the guys aside the other legends and masters Adam Cole, Paul Nelson and  superbeater Craig Oxberry. He talks about their project:

1. NER, one powerful magic of collected retro sounds. You got everything. Nice vocal edits and super rad organs. Why you put so much love into your selection of gear and sounddesign ?

“We’re a band of songs, and that’s always what’s been the most important thing for us – songs. We’re much more concerned with writing great songs full of imagery and stories, rather than just jamming/improvising. We’re all gear obsessives too. We love layering different types of organ/keyboard sounds on top of each other to create interesting effects.”

2. You really remind me of fun times at zurich’s nastiest rock’n’roll club Gonzo. All time floor filler, 60’s until the 80’s are played (even some more) but as I’m concerning about the old stuff I think you totally get me back into these latenight times with your sound. What are your “floorfiller” sounds when you get wasted?

“Anything and everything! It’s great to be in a club/bar with an adventurous DJ who isn’t afraid to play album tracks or B-sides of artists better known for more popular songs. 60’s garage, freak-beat, Motown, old and new psych and plenty of Beatles.”

3. “Lovers” sounding much like the retro Rickenbacker Sounds of Tame Impala. Are you gear lovers? 

“We’re gear obsessed. In the studio we’re using 60s Vox and Dallas Arbiter amps, 60’s guitars and basses and a huge variety of combo organs. All our material is self-recorded and mixed by singer and bassist Adam (Cole) in his home studio. It’s a real DIY band in terms of recording. We also use a lot of flutes, recorders, cellos, sitars and zithers.”

4. “In chains” is much like a garage baller from the 60’s. Any favorite clothes from that time ?

“We’re big fans of 60s art, imagery and tailoring, so yeah, we all have pretty colourful wardrobes. I’m a big sheepskin lover and Paul has an amazing collection of long collar and balloon sleeve shirts. Cuban heeled boots make a lot of appearances, too.”

5. Are you gathering money to come over to europe once?

“We need you here… We’re hoping to do a full scale European tour in the spring of 2014. We’re releasing our debut LP with Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records (NYC) and will be touring to support that. We are playing in Leon, Spain in December at the 25th anniversary of the Purple Weekend Festival alongside The Black Angels and Night Beats.”Image


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