JIBOIA02 copy

How would you describe your sound?

“In my press release I have it described as “Prince of Persia on Acid”. I think it’s a bit like that: Some trashy casio beats, repetitive bass/organ riffs and some free psychadelic/I don’t now what on the top. And Arabia all over the place. Oh, and a  smell of curry too.”

What is your goal as a band?

“I don’t have any goals. My will is to do what I need to do (because I can’t be stopped, I’ve noticed that), to discover things by myself, but at the same time play with lots of friends and people who I admire for what they play or do in life. Basically is this. Having fun, learn and experiment. And do because I need to.”

Which would be your dream venue or festival to play at?

“I think I don’t have any dream venue or festival I would like to play at. Every place has it’s importance and special feeling. Playing during some years in other bands (and even with jibóia) made me realize that you can be at a cave in the middle of nowhere and have such a blast gig an then go to an enormous festival or venue and the thing get cold. Maybe I prefer small places instead of big festivals. despite I’ve been playing in such great festivals as Milhões de Festa, and now I’ll be playing at Le Guess Who, which I am really looking forward to it. I think it depends a lot about the day, the place, the people that are around you. It’s a mix of things that make the dream venue to play at.”

What are your expectations for the next year? What about a record,  an album/ep?

“I’ll be recording a new EP in the end of November, with a special guest, my friend Miró who had already appeared in one song of my first EP. This one will be all songs with her. Then I will jump to another thing, maybe an EP with another special guest, and maybe it will get a bit different than what I am sounding now…I’m curious about it. It will be a pleasure to experiment that. So, lots of plans for 2014.”

Which one do you prefer, recording or touring?

“Despite I never went on tour with JIBÓIA so far, touring, for sure. You can’t put in words the feeling of a tour. Of course I like to record stuff and mainly to hear from day to day one song being made, it’s such a special feeling too. But to tour it’s something really different. It’s a blasting experience, every time you do it.”a3878813535_10


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