Something is simmering in the heart of Essex, and it’s not the latest gossip from ‘TOWIE’, oh no. This is a five piece band called Bambi, who aren’t just bubbling to the surface, they’re bursting through it. Debut single, ‘Reap From The Dying Love’ is a perfect example. With a moody quality similar to that of White Lies, it slowly burns and erupts into something more epic. The echoey vocals overlapped with shimmering guitars are enough to send chills down your spine, but Bambi have more of a backbone when it comes to their music. B-Side, ‘A Just Nor Fix’, is more upbeat and inter-twinned with romanticised vocals and feather weight guitar solos. It falls somewhere delicately between Two Door Cinema Club and Blaenavon.

However, the truth is, you can’t really put your finger on where this bands influences come from, every song is unique. Slipping in and out of consciousness their music can go from deep and weighty to being dream like and it takes little effort to lose yourself within them. One thing’s for sure, keep your eyes open and your ears even more open, we could be seeing big things from this band in the near future.

We were lucky enough to ask Miles the Bassist some questions about their music:

Bambi. As in the cartoon deer, or does the name have a more subtle meaning?

Bambi as in whatever you’d like it to mean. No real meaning behind it, imagery wise I don’t feel it reflects our music hugely. For me it’s the name of a particularly hilarious episode of The Young Ones. 
What brought you guys together to form the band and which other artists inspire you?
Delaying for as long as possible getting real jobs is probably a major factor! We all differ quite a bit in terms of music taste so few bands who make the crossover would be Radiohead, Weezer and shoegaze bands like Slowdive and Ride. 
For those who haven’t heard much of your music, how would you describe your sound?
Three guitars deep fried in reverb. Comparisons to Echo and the Bunnymen comes up quite a bit.  
What’s the best gig/festival you’ve played to date and why?

Probably our single launch at Proud Camden, simply as lots of our friends came and we took the express train down to pardy town. 

Have you got any exciting plans for the near future?
Got a new single out in February, hopefully some touring and a couple festies, if we’re lucky.
Listen to Bambi here:

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