BAND OF THE WEEK: The Vintage Caravan

221488_419517038100233_1851311916_o1404669_625669404151661_45712038_oThe Vintage Caravan is an ultimative young group of coming from the hottest export island Iceland… three guys with long hair and certainly a lot of retro Rock’n’roll. Their sounds are itchy at a crazy level of pushing those drums into the bassstrings. Not wobbling but heavy compressed and last but not least, the tremendously and nasty vocals of Leadsinger and Guitarplayer “Oskar” is reminding ourselves a lot to the early Led Zeppelin played with a faster tempo and of the performance of Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother). Therefore not much INDIE in this term but with a great heavy volume. The band will release an album very soon through the biggest indiependent Heavymetal – Label “Nuclear Blast Europe” and people ARE excited.

The first release “VOYAGE” is one heavy psych rock album. Maybe on of the best since those of Wolfmother’s ones or the Kadavar ones. Led Zeppelin would be very proud of them. And Ozzy surely would say something like “If I still got that bat-head I once bit off it, I would have given it to Vintage Caravan.” Maybe, he would say this. Maybe. “Expand your Mind” is also very reminding to some of the greatest swiss Heavyrock lads from “Those Furious Flames“. Check them out aswell !

They are even touring in 14′ through whole europe to give us and you a bit of their performance art. We can not wait until this album full of power and pressure gets to the stores. Now why this band is our “Band of the week” is surely clear: The single “Midnight Meditation” is one piece of sexy sugar. We can’t wait for the whole album.We also couldn’t wait to get in contact with them. Oskar, Band leader and that guy with the longest hair answered us a few Q’s. Here you go:

1. √ískar. You’re name is written quite strange to me. Where does that name come from?

“The meaning of Oscar is “spear of the gods”, don’t exactly know it’s origin.”

2. TVC is one new blasting act Nuclear Blast Europe has to offer since the psychadelic Rock genres have been exploding on the label. See Kadavar or Blues Pills. Why could that be ?

“I think people are attracted to the raw power of the classic rock sound, simple, hard hitting and full of soul, that in my opinion, lacks in mainstream music.”

3. Songs that go through your blood everytime you hear them…

“Rush – 2112,

Led Zeppelin – Dazed and confused live at royal albert hall 1970,

Jimi Hendrix- Hey Baby (new rising sun), for example.”

4. When do you come to switzerland?

“We are very excited to come to Switzerland, we have never been there. We’ll do a concert there in 2014 on our tour with Audrey Horne, Grand Magus and Zodiac,

22. March 2014 at Kiff, Aarau. SEE YOU GUYS THERE!”

5. One thing you love, one thing you don’t.

“I love RUSH, and i don’t like people who don’t like RUSH!”


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