Here is the list of all contributors which are writing for the indie-focused blog “Hey Indie”.

We gathered up a List for several categories and also opened our mind to a few other musical genres this time:





here we go:


Josh Shreeve‘s TOP LISTpeace-in-love_0


  1. Peace – ‘In Love’
  2. Foals – ‘Holy Fire’
  3. Arctic Monkeys – ‘AM’
  4. HAIM – ‘Days Are Gone’
  5. Jagwar Ma – ‘Howlin’
  6. Palma Violets – ‘180’
  7. Crystal Fighters – ‘Cave Rave’
  8. Swim Deep – ‘Where The Heaven Are We?’
  9. Everything Everything – ‘Arc’
  10. Arcade Fire – ‘Reflektor’

“Peace’s ‘In Love’ was arguably the most consistent debut album I’ve heard since Arctic Monkeys debut. A big claim I know but with another album already in the pipeline for 2014, there’s no stopping this band. The album itself is full of stonking, catchy and unforgettable indie tunes.”


  1. Foals – ‘My Number’
  2. Peace – ‘Follow Baby’
  3. Arctic Monkeys – ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’
  4. The 1975 – ‘Chocolate’
  5. Daft Punk – ‘Get Lucky’
  6. Foals – ‘Late Night’
  7. Biffy Clyro – ‘Victory Over The Sun’
  8. As Elephants Are – ‘Crystal’
  9. Swim Deep – ‘She Changes The Weather’
  10. Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Carry Me’

“Often when you over play songs you quickly get very bored of them, hide it away and never want to hear it again. Unbelievably, almost twelve months on, I still get excited whenever I hear that picky intro to ‘My Number’ by Foals. Arguably their greatest tune to date, complemented by a great album.”

TOP VIDEOS OF 2013Clean-Bandit-by-Laura_Lewis-thumb-3000x1500-101649

  1. Clean Bandit – ‘Dust Clears’
  2. Arctic Monkeys – ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’
  3. Mumford and Sons – ‘Hopeless Wanderer’
  4. Foals – ‘Late Night’
  5. Lily Allen – ‘Hard Out Here’

“Clean Bandit were relatively unheard of until the summer and are by no means an indie band. What they are though is unique; using classical instruments to create catchy dance numbers. I have no idea what’s happening in the video itself but it looks like they had good fun filming it, and that’s what every band needs and don’t worry, the man ice-skating is not actually the lead singer.”

TOP LIVE-PERFORMANCES OF 2013dada-life-boing-clash-boom-major-lazer-remix

  1. Major Lazer – NME stage, Reading Festival
  2. Foals – Obelisk Arena, headline act, Latitude Festival
  3. Bloc Party – Obelisk Arena, headline act, Latitude Festival
  4. Peace – Birthdays, Dalston
  5. Alt-J – BBC Radio 6 stage, headline act, Latitude Festival
  6. Biffy Clyro – Main stage, headline act, Reading Festival
  7. Arctic Monkeys – iTunes Festival
  8. Crystal Fighters – Koko
  9. Don Broco – Main stage, Reading Festival
  10. Jagwar Ma – Lake Stage, Latitude Festival

“Shocked I was as I left the NME stage for the best performance I’ll see all year. Whilst not my favourite music in the world, Major Lazer are contagious. Girls twerking onstage, 99% of the crowd with their shirts off ans sweaty pits out, Diplo in a zorb ball, it was a crazy scene.”


Gonçalo Ribeiro‘s TOP LISTPalma_Violets_180


  1. Palma Violets – 180
  2. Splashh – Comfort
  3. Pond – Hobo Rocket
  4. Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus
  5. Peace – in love
  6. Holograms – Forever
  7. Crocodiles – Times of Passion
  8. Wild Nothing – Empty Estate
  9. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II
  10. Brothers in law – Hard time for Dreamers

“Absolutelly loved the consistence of 180 by Palma Violets, you simply can’t find a weak song, all of them are extremelly good.”

RECORDED TRACKS OF 20132013EMTemples_089080113

  1. Temples – Sun Structures
  2. Palma Violets – Best Friend
  3. Palma Violets – Step up the cool cats
  4. Splashh – Lemonade
  5. Blaenavon – Prague
  6. Be Forest – Captured Heart
  7. Peace – Float Forever
  8. Pond – Giant Tortoise
  9. Brothers in law – Leave
  10. French Films – Special Shades

VIDEOS OF 2013ellery

  1. Kerou’s Lament – (犠牲)
  2. Splashh – Feels like you
  3. Soviet Soviet – Ecstasy
  4. Delorean – Spirit
  5. Charlie boyer and the Voyeurs – Evil Mothers
  6. Francis Lung – Age limits
  7. Temples – colours to life
  8. Jagwar ma – Man I need
  9. Toy – Joining the Dots Once
“The first place goes to ellery’s solo project “Kerou’s lament” once again.
The video was extremelly well produced and the message that it conveys is stronger than anyone I have ever seen.”


Nicolas Streichenberg‘s TOP LISTtoy-join-the-dots


  1. Toy – Join The Dots
  2. Pond – Hobo Rocket
  3. Kadavar – Abra Kadavar
  4. Weekend Phantom – “dot.”
  5. The Delta Riggs – “Hex.Lover.Killer.”
  6. Go Go Berlin  – “New Gold”
  7. Thees Uhlmann – “#2”
  8. Gesaffelstein – “Aleph”
  9. Peace – “In Love”
  10. French Films – “White Orchid”

“Why I’ve chosen “Join The Dots” as my personal Album of the year is simple: It’s written all here: CLICK IT NOW!


  1. Telegram – Follow
  2. Weekend Phantom – Nitro
  3. Toy – Left To Wander
  4. The Delta Riggs – Better
  5. Splashh – Feels like you
  6. Go Go Berlin – California Mind
  7. Andrew Stockdale – Long Way To Go
  8. Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs – Clarietta
  9. Wet Moss – Of Losing A War
  10. Kings Of Leon – Work On Me

“Telegram has got unique powerful styles in things like authentic raw Guitar-sounds and Vocals. It’s reminding of those itchy times in the late 70’s. A simple song within a lot of power. The video is just matching perfect as well. This piece of art we got in this year from the english “Telegram” is one nutty message for us all. Raw music pulling it directly into your and my heart of Rock’n’Roll.  We can’t wait for more recordings of ’em. Watch these guys in ’14! I honestly must add, if there was an eleven: “Sun Structures” of Temples it would have been, baby…”

VIDEOS OF 2013telegram-follow-video-1383934045-article-0

  1. Telegram – Follow
  2. Go Go Berlin – Raise Your Head
  3. New Electric Ride – All Who You Know
  4. Cristallin – Light
  5. Tail Feather – Spellbinder

“This video is pure epicness. It’s so simple: 90’s 4:3 Low-Res Filters and few angles playing a song. Good cuts and an ace performance. Telegram is my Band of the year if you ask me. Allthough they’ve only released two songs, I think it’s well played. There is also a revival of Triangle-ish-mirrored-ones-videos going on. Check out my probably most viewed video of this year “Spellbinder”


Hugo Vitrola‘s TOP LISTArcade-Fire-Reflektor-608x6081


  1. Arcade Fire – Reflektor
  2. Peace – In Love
  3. Foals – Holy Fire
  4. Palma Violets – 180
  5. Pond – Hobo Rocket
  6. Savages – Silence Yourself
  7. First Breath After Coma – The Misadventures Of Anthony Knivet
  8. Rodrigo Amarante – Cavalo
  9. Is Tropical – I’m Leaving
  10. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II

RECORDED TRACKS OF 2013Arcade-Fire+B+&+W

  1. Arcade Fire – Reflektor
  2. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?
  3. Rodrigo Amarante – The Ribbon
  4. Pond – Whatever Happened to the Milli
  5. Peace – Lovesick
  6. First Breath After Coma – Knivet
  7. Tail Feather – Spellbinder
  8. MGMT – Your Life Is a Lie
  9. Blaenavon – Prague
  10. The Plastics – Occasional Lies


Tom Barr‘s TOP LISTHoly_Fire_II


  1. Foals – Holy Fire
  2. Troumaca – The Grace
  3. Everything Everything – Arc
  4. In Love – PEACE
  5. The North Borders – Bonobo
  6. Beach Fossils – clash the truth
  7. Disclosure – Settle
  8. Daughter – If You Leave
  9. Sulk – Graceless
  10. The 1975
“Another fantastic album from Foals with so much variety in sound and feeling. Foals always seem to come back with a new refreshing sound with each album release,  and they have recently won best album award from The NME readers. “
RECODRED TRACKS OF 2013superfoodpressshot
  1. Superfood – Bubbles
  2. Foals – Inhaler
  3. Peace – Lil Echo
  4. Sulk – Flowers
  5. Spring Offensive – Speak
  6. JAWS – Breeze
  7. Drenge – Backwaters
  8. Troumaca – The Grace
  9. Palma Violets – Best of Friends
  10. Swim Deep – King City
“I’m really enjoying Bubbles by Superfood at the moment, they are churning out some fantastic tracks, brilliantly constructed and good songwriting skills from this band. Look forward to what they have to offer in 2014”
VIDEOS OF 20131166864958
  1. The Physics House band – Abraxial Solapse
  2. Drenge – Face like a Skull
  3. CVRCHES – Gun
  4. Temples – Shelter song
  5. Swim Deep – Honey
  6. Bombay Bicycle Club – Carry me (interactive video)
  7. Palma violets – Step up for the cool cats
  8. Peace – Follow Baby
  9. The 1975 – Chocolate
  10. Foals – Late Night

“A very simplistic green screened video from The physics House band, however the video encapsulates the bands amazing raw energy with some trippy psychedelic effects. Goes to show you don’t always need a huge budget to produce a fantastic music video.”


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