WHO’S PANDA – Undressed


The eagerly anticipated new single from Swiss Rock and Roll band WHO’S PANDA finally dropped today, and what a banger of a tune it is!

The band who are cementing themselves in the Swiss rock scene and recently did their ‘Undressed Winter tour’ released the track ‘Undressed’ today, whether there is a link between their tour name and the song is irrelevant, the song is definitely worth checking out.

The track kicks off with very fuzzy warm Bass sounds and a nice chilled out drum rhythm driving the song forward, accompanied by some delicious delayed guitar effects. The lyrics resound over the laid back refrains. Almost sounding like a meatier version of Blaenavon’s ‘Wunderkind’. The introduction of the distant synth strings at the half way mark completely throws the song into an unexpected new direction as it blasts into a catchy Kings of Leon style rocky outro, made up of uplifting guitar melodies and almost falsetto vocal harmonies, an almost perfect way to finish off the song. The two very different parts of the song portray a strong message about love, clearly identified by the power of the second half of the song. Accompanied by a very interesting video of the band and a load of horses!

Written by Tom Barr

@barr_tommy on twitter

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