Derby, England. Somewhere four boys dressed up in black and Jeffrey Wests gathered together to make some destroying Rock’n’Roll Heavyness. The bands consisting of a phenomenal “once in a century” voice aiming to be very similar to Queens’ Freddy Mercury. You might think now “What the fuck is that guy saying?”…

Well you might be right, there is surely no one who’s even coming close enough to the vocal style of Freddy. But I really see there is a chance to give them this support here as they really relive this glamorous era within the attitude and these times “sluttyness”.

The Struts somehow became famous by making some really good covers alongside “Alabama Shakes” or the great “Daft Punk“. But surely one of the best cover performances I’ve seen was doing the “Slip“. This is needy greedy style ladies… and gentlemen. Now back in Summer the band did some very first official “Own Songs”. The band has surely some big talent. Wether is it producing or writing these 80’s decade music. “Could have been me” is their second single within a very beautiful story. Leadsinger Luke Spiller spoke to “Hey Indie” and gave us conclusions about being in this attitude of Rock’n’Roll:

1. “Luke the badass” we might call it from up now. How would you describe your lifestyle atm?“My lifestyle is pretty laid back to be honest. I love to write music everyday and work out. I don’t really like drinking all that much. I much prefer getting stoned with my cats and watching some adventure time all and all life’s pretty sweet.”2. Your vocal art is incomparable. Nevertheless there are Frequencies who are reminding of the man himself Freddy Mercury. How are YOU looking on this?“Well Freddie has been a huge influence on me. When I was discovering rock music, Queen were my leading band. To have my vocal style compared to him is nothing short of a huge compliment.”

3. Any big influences while you’re recording or writing with your band “The Struts”?

“We just write whatever comes natural to us. Obviously it’s hard to keep your favourite bands out of the writing session. But if something ends up sounding similar to something we love then that’s cool. As long as it has been natural.”

4. Your two singles, as far as I heard, is very classic 80’s monstrous Rock/Pop. From where came the love to aim for these times’ sounds?

“The sound has just developed naturally throughout the last 5 years. I’ve always known what kind of band I’ve wanted to be in and in terms of the music the struts is exactly what I want to be.”

5. Great outfits. Jeffrey West Boots Endorsement? Tell me more about that !

“We met Guy (co founder of Jeffery West) through a mutual friend called Rhys Frampton. Rhys had done a shoot with us for a primark campaign and he wanted to do this video in this crazy house. Turns out that crazy house belonged to Guy. We had a great time there and we’ve kept in touch ever since. The boots and clothes he makes are gorgeous and as you can see I take my style quite seriously.”



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