Before writing for ‘Hey Indie’, the first song that drew me to the page was by a young five piece band from Birmingham. The band’s name was ‘Lovats’.


Birmingham has recently seen a surge in bands producing good quality music; Peace, Swim Deep and Jaws all spring to mind. Little is known about the smaller bands, but through recent publicity of the region, it’s hard not to believe that anything is possible in The West Midlands right now.

Lovats are a different kind of band though. Each song they’ve released is almost entirely different, showing just how many strings they have to their bow. ‘Over’, is the song which initially drew me towards the band, a simple catchy tune, juxtaposed by a hurricane of a chorus. ‘Golden’ similarly incorporates catchy rhythms, throwing in a mesmerising synth. However, one thing that remains consistent  throughout each track is the bold and brutal lyrics spat by singer, Ciaran. Recent track, ‘White Fire’ is more epic and anthemic, bringing together elements of White Lies and The Killers.

I caught up with lead guitarist, Tom, and asked him some questions:

Hi Tom. What are the Lovats boys up to right now?

Hi there, right now we’re busy writing and recording new songs, we recently just finished recording our fourth track ‘Fiction’, Which we plan to release digitally for sale as our first single in the coming months, and then hopefully by the end of the year we will have released a five track EP. Exciting stuff!

Has the recent boost in the Birmingham music scene influenced the band at all?

Yeah, definitely. The Birmingham scene is ever growing at the moment, there’s some amazing bands popping up, and there seems to be a continuous stream of new music nights and promoters, we just hope it doesn’t end anytime soon, we’ve had some great gigs here!

Which artists do you think will be top of your playlists this year?

We love The Physics House band at the moment, they are making some insanely good tracks, and of course Superfood and Troumaca, who seem to have really fantastic songwriting skills. Can’t forget our good friends Pixel Fix too!

You like to change up your sound a fair bit. With so many different riffs, which song is the most fun to play?

We love playing ‘Golden’ live, it always seems to get people dancing and wanting more, I think we enjoy the balance between the instruments as well and the arpeggiated synth breakdown in the chorus always seems to excite people.

What’s the best gig you’ve played to date and are there any more to look forward to in the near future?

This is a hard one, we have played some awesome shows over the past year. My personal favourite would be when we supported Blaenavon in November, that was a great show in a small venue in Birmingham called The Sunflower Lounge, we also had an amazing time last Thursday at the Brum Notes magazine ‘Beat the January Blues party’ I think we all drank a little to much that night though!

To hear what else Lovats have got to offer visit:


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