Tips of 2014 & public vote

I asked some of our contributors who they are tipping to go all the way in 2014, and still have us wagging our ears in twelve months time. Feast your eyes on the chosen ones below:



‘My tip of 2014 is Superfood. They’re part of the revolution of music going on in Birmingham at the moment, and they really do have what it takes to follow in the footsteps of recent conquerers, Peace and Swim Deep. Their soundcloud isn’t exactly bursting with tracks but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. ‘Bubbles’ is their best yet. Lyrically, it’s coarse and edgy, but equally, their guitar’s do all the talking here. It has the sound of a band who are already established and well on their way, but thankfully they’re still having fun.’ – Josh



‘Moats are a band who have been together since early 2012 but it seems that recently they have been starting to get the recognition they deserve, clocking up almost 4,000 plays on their first released track Toothache. The band have a classic kind of indie rock vibe and make use of both male and female vocals which really is something refreshing to listen to, definitely a band to watch out for in 2014. Check them out!’ – Tom



‘Temples, one of the most uncompromised acts, will be releasing their debut album in February and I already know it’s going to be brilliant. After the release of “Mesmerise” we can all expect a really good album full of psychedelic rhythms and beautiful harmonies’ – Goncalo

Which of these bands do you think will have the most success this year? If you don’t agree with us, add your own suggestions below:

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