[BAND OF THE WEEK] – Pixel Fix

Oxford’s finest, Pixel Fix are here with their latest track ‘Fall’. After releasing their debut EP last year and receiving an almighty reception, from playing shows with The 1975, Coasts and many more they certainly did not fail to get their name out there. Their new track ‘Fall’ brings electronic drum kicks, bellowing snares, reverb infused cowbells, samplers accompanied with guitars and echoing vocals, the combination between every aspect of the song is spot on. In comparison to their other releases the track to some extent sounds similar to previous releases but that is all part of the brilliance behind this genre of music.

I caught up with the band earlier in the week to ask them a few questions about what they can expect from this release, what plans they have for the future and what their fans can expect for the new year…

First things first, how did the name Pixel Fix come about?

“We’ve always wanted a great explanation of how we came up with the name. You hear all these elaborate stories about people getting out of the bath, accidentally standing on newspaper, and when the ink runs off their foot it spells the band’s name. We don’t really have a story as interesting as that, Pixel Fix was name that frequently came up and was just a name that stuck. It seemed work well with us.”
What did playing shows with The 1975 do for you guys?
“It was a great opportunity. Being able to play in front of a decent sized crowd of people who were open to new music, was great. Also, playing with bands that put on such great shows makes you aspire to improve your own performance live.”
I heard your radio interview with XFM the other night, how do you think that will react with the public?
“Hopefully people enjoyed the new song. We’re just happy to be releasing some new material again.”
What is your favourite release so far and why?
“That’s a hard one! At the moment we’d have to say Fall. We feel it’s a more recent and accurate representation of what we are about, in comparison to are other releases, which are songs that were written when we first got together.”
What are your main influences? Because you have a very unique sound with the electronic drums and effects along with guitars and bass, the whole aspect is ridiculous and for me works so well.
“Thank you. Well, guitar music and bands were what inspired us to make music in the first place, but in recent years electronic music has probably been our main influence. It’s hard to pinpoint certain artists, there are too many to list. We just try to make our writing process as natural as possible by making music that we would want to hear ourselves.”
Do you guys find it tricky writing songs with other instruments that aren’t just guitars, bass and drums? For example drum pads synthesiser pads etc?
“Not really, if anything it makes it easier to integrate the electronics with the band. A lot of our ideas normally begin life on laptops and samplers anyway, so a lot of the time we weave in ‘real’ instruments later on.”
What have you got planned for 2014?
“We are planning just to release more music and gig as much as we can, hit everything hard…”


Listen to the track here https://soundcloud.com/pixelfixmusic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pixelfixmusic


George Peckham

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