[NEW ARTIST] Natalie Evans


Winter has been pretty dark and dead and quite frankly a bit shit, not to mention hectic for the most of us. The release and freedom of Summer is still months and months away, but this girl will have you feeling like you’re lying in a peaceful meadow in the middle of nowhere with warm breezes rolling across your face. But maybe the serenity isn’t quite as happy as you initially thought.

Natalie Evans hasn’t got the appreciation she truly deserves, racking up a very modest amount of listeners on her soundcloud account. ¬†Nevertheless her music has a the same quirky yet charming delicateness of a girlfriend character in a Micheal Cera film that makes her sound all the more attractive. Ethereal picking of her guitar is not too far removed from that of Mike Kinsella, and it is clear to see that he is a big influence of hers – to be honest you wouldn’t be surprised if some of her songs were written by the man himself. The songs from her EP ‘Houses’ are laced seemingly with a nostalgia for childhood with butterflies inside stomachs and fantasies of gymnastics, but have an underlying honestly and sadness hidden underneath the ambrosial vocals.

‘Houses’ was released around 9 months ago now, but there are hints that Natalie is ready to make a return. ‘Rooftops’, a short song posted to her youtube channel 3 months ago is an inticate and heavy-hearted piece that is really difficult to stop listening to. Her nimble fingers gracefully gliding up and down the fretboard she seems like she could be a reincarnation of the Tubelord boys. Her soundcloud even saw activity in the last week meaning there is more to expect from Natalie.

A new lady in waiting to become the next sweetheart of the acoustic indie scene reminding us all that being celestial and melancholy at the same time is still possible. But be warned, if you listen to her voice long enough you will fall in love.

Be sure to check out her youtube channel, in particular ‘Rooftops’, which gives a glimpse at her bright future,

in addition to her soundcloud.


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