It’s always nice for a band to breathe some fresh air in our face in the form of an email asking us to listen to their music. Even better though, when you can sense that their band aren’t just blowing their own trumpet. Trust me, Eutony are going places.

The four piece band based in Hertfordshire are an exciting prospect for indie music. Having only released one track, ‘Spectrum’, you can tell from this alone that they’re having fun experimenting and inter-twinning a wide spectrum of different sounds to create a uniquely quirky debut track. There’s nothing worse than a band who get bogged down in the same old sound we’ve heard from generations before, but at the same time, comparisons drawn between bands are unavoidable. In this case, ‘The Last Dinosaurs’, another experimental indie band, are probably the closest thing you’ll get to Eutony. Perhaps a pre-mature fuse of Friendly Fires and Bombay Bicycle Club would be more suitable. If they can continue to experiment with their music and not worry too much about the outcome, then this won’t be the last time you hear from Eutony.

Listen to debut single, ‘Spectrum’, here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eutonyband


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