A good friend of mine shared a link with me (shown below) and said to me I must watch it. As I’m always relying on his musical taste… I did. And holy guacamole, I’ve just seen the craziest and funniest performance by the American rock band “The Orwells”. Sweat, long hair, and dirty looks. The album “REMEMBER WHEN” by the Orwells has something really catchy. It’s very punkish and rough. It’s maybe one of the truest and most honest albums I’ve recently heard. Maybe a bit comparable with the British Palma Violets but somehow bit cooler. Shit, I don’t know why, I really can’t say why, but if you search for Youtube videos of live performances you always get the frontman lying down on the floor shouting and screaming and being very wild. If you’d like to compare them to the Black Lips you might be on the right track… So I searched for the lead singer on Facebook and caught up with America’s gnarliest frontman Mario Cuomo and did a quick 5 question interview with him. Here we go? HERE WE GO!

1. The Orwells. Where did this creature of band come from and where does it go?

It came from the basement and now its living in your attic.

2. Letterman video is hopefully going viral as you fucking killed it. Is this a casual live performance of the orwells?

Same shit different stage.

3. What’s your favorite happening that has ever happened with you guys ?

New years 2013 with The Black Lips.

4. When do you come to europe?

A few weeks

5. Would you wear three pair of different shoes if you had three feet and tell me why if you would?

No I would get my label to pay for the surgery to get that shit amputated.



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