[Album Review] Temples – ‘Sun Structures’

‘Sun Structures’ superb Psychedelic sounds make ‘Temples’ opening LP a must buy, and will take listeners back to the days of The Beatles at their weirdest and their very best.


The Northamptonshire based band ‘Temples’ have been lurking on the music scene since 2012, but this is their first full album release and it has to be said the quartet have really hit the Psychedelic spot on this ‘LP’.

Plunging you straight in to this album is the brilliant, hard hitting opening track ‘Shelter Song’ that was released back in late 2012 and is the reason why so much hype has been following the band ever since. Right from the first pluck of the opening killer riff it is clear that these four are similar to the Beatles in the days of ‘Revolver’ and ‘Sgt Pepper’ and your mind immediately jumps to George Harrison tracks such as ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ and ‘Within You Without You’. This really is a stunning track that makes you fall instantly in love with this band and is the perfect opening to a near perfect album.

Immediately following this striking opening is the title track ‘Sun Structures’, another favourite of mine from the album. Yet again, a jangly psychedelic guitar hook provides the basis for this song and runs throughout the piece. Furthermore Bagshaw’s encapsulating vocals moan and swoon over the instruments in one of the more gritty pieces on the ‘LP’. The following track ‘The Golden Throne’ focuses more on James Bagshaw’s vocals in longer verses, but does include a brilliant bolshy guitar section that opens the track and occurs a couple more times throughout the song.

Track four and five are also singles that were released by the band in 2013 entitled ‘Keep in the Dark’ and ‘Mesmerise’, the latter is the better of the two, despite the former having a sweet chorus as Bagshaw purrs over the soft guitar and drum hooks. ‘Mesmerise’, however, is a dazzling effort and one of the stand out songs on a very good album. The boisterous, emphatic guitars capture the listener instantaneously, definitely a song that will be a crowd favourite live.

The next pair of tracks are a nice slower duo of songs which both float and glide nicely. The first of the two ‘Move With The Season’ utilises Bagshaw’s haunted Lennon-esque vocals along with some smooth guitar work which creates a nice dreamy number. The next song ‘Colours To Life’ was another track that was released in mid 2013 and is another highlight on the album with an utterly delicious yet delicate guitar hook that opens the song, some handy drum work during the chorus of the piece and some gorgeous vocals, this song could easily be slotted on to the recent and brilliant Tame Impala album ‘Lonerism’.

The following song, titled ‘A Question Isn’t Answered’, is simply majestic starting off with some whaling vocals and breaking in to a nice keyboard loop. Lyrically this song is one of the better ones on the album as well opening with the welcoming line “A question isn’t answered, if an answer isn’t questioned”. Then as we approach the half way point of the track, the song explodes with some brutal guitars, a very similar fuzzy quality of guitar to that of Tame Impala’s ‘Bold Arrow Of Time’ from their opening album ‘Innerspeaker’, a very big, bold tune that will get the fans banging their heads to at gigs for sure. ‘Test Of Time’ opens with some raucous drums which are probably the best use of drums on the album, another good song.

The other stand out track is ‘Sand Dance’ a mesmerising, sparkling track that incorporates the use of the sitar, much like the for mentioned ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’. It is a wonderful melody that begins with a simple guitar riff, which builds in to a thicker, meatier riff that plays throughout the song. The powerful drums set the tempo for this tune which pulsates with quieter moments through the use of a haunting synth and suddenly crescendos in to louder, aggressive and rambunctious guitar work. It is a brilliant psychedelic anthem and potentially the best song on a sublime album.

This album is a masterpiece of neo-psychedia and Temples have joined the likes of Tame Impala as one of the great modern advocators of psychedelic rock. This album is very nearly flawless. Temples tower high in 2014 and ‘Sun Structures’ is set to soar the band to new heights.

Rating: 9/10

Ben Robinson

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/templesofficial?fref=ts

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/templesofficial


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