[Band of the Week] Coasts

There’s nothing subtle about Coasts. Their back catalogue, which, small for now, is rammed full of anthemic and euphoric songs. With two EPs to their name, the five-piece are about to embark on recording an album, that rest assured, will have ‘no filler’ tracks to it.


Coasts have been around for a few years now and unlike many other bands, they haven’t rushed into making an album as soon as a few people started to talk about them. This has allowed the band to instinctively grow into a tropical, poppy, upbeat sound, as they lie somewhere between Friendly Fires and Two Door Cinema Club. Simple yet effective guitar hooks and the consistency of the 80s-esque synth throughout their tracks, ‘Stay’ and ‘Oceans’ bring about instant nostalgia. Elsewhere, their single, ‘Wallow’ from 2013 grabs you in the middle of a minefield. It’s an absolute assault of raucous lyrics, whirring synth and ricocheting guitars.

Their latest track, ‘A Rush of Blood’, due for release on March 31st, sees a growing maturity of the band. Their producer, Eliot James, who has worked with Two Door Cinema Club and Last Dinosaurs seems to have encouraged inspiration from these bands for Coasts’ latest single, as their sound veers towards a more electronic one. Lead singer, Chris’, vocals are tinted with the same twang of Two Door’s Alex Trimble and the piano throughout sparks similarities to Bloc Party’s ‘One More Chance’. It’s a catchy number and if the album follows suit, Coasts could be climbing up that indie ladder in no time.

I caught up with the man who’s behind those catchy synth beats, David, who spoke about the new single, album plans and covering The Vamps.

Hi David! What’s happening in the Coasts camp at the moment?
We’re just having a bit of downtime at the moment before we head off to record our debut album.

What can we expect from the album?

We’re really happy with how it’s shaping up. We feel like we’ve found the right producer now in Eliot James who did the Two Door album. It’s going to have one or two songs that people have heard before from us but the rest will be new material. We’re trying to aim for an album with no filler. It’s going to be a good mix though and we hope it’ll be a fair representation of where we’ve come as a band.

With the new album in mind, tell us about the new single, ‘A Rush of Blood’.
It’s different to ‘Stay’ and ‘Oceans’ but we hope that everyone is still going to like it. It’s got a house-y piano going through it and quite a euphoric chorus. It’s quite heavily influenced by electronic music but still has the guitar band side to it.

Before we get to hear all of this though, you’re going on tour to France, Germany and The Netherlands. Have you brushed up on your foreign languages?               Ha, unfortunately not. I think we all know a bit of French and German from school but that’s about it. Maybe chris should learn some so he can talk more during the shows.

Do you guys enjoy engaging with the audience during your shows then?
Yeah we like to engage with the audience as much as possible, I think it makes the shows more of an experience for everyone.

When on tour, who becomes the dj and what sort of music gets played?                   We take it in turns of who’s in the front and who’s in the back, but it usually ends up being me or Ben. We listen to a lot of rubbish to be fair, it can range from anything like One Direction to Alexisonfire to Nelly or to Fleetwood Mac, depending on everyone’s mood.

Would you ever consider covering a One Direction song then?
The 1975 have already been there so we’ve probably missed our chance… maybe The Vamps…

You get to see lots of new places on tour but do any of you live by interesting coasts back home?                                                                                                        Liam lives in Brighton. I lived at the seaside in Devon some of the year, so we get a bit of time by the beach.

Do you prefer the quieter life in Devon or the hustle and bustle of touring?
I think we all like life on the road to be honest, we’re lucky to get to travel around with our best friends playing music every night.

If you weren’t playing the keys, could you see yourself playing another instrument in the band?
We’ve been in this setup for so long now that it would feel pretty weird for someone to be playing a different instrument though it would be fun to be playing guitar.

Well we wish you all the best for the tour and album recording. Can you leave us with one artist/band your tipping to do well this year?                                                I think a few solo artists will have pretty big years, Dan Croll seems like he’s going to go pretty big this year.

By Josh Shreeve (@JJShreeve)

Listen to ‘A Rush of Blood’ below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coastsband

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coastsband

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