[Introducing] Babypink


Babypink – ‘Cellar Door’ 

Babypink, one of Birmingham’s newest music revelations have recently released their third track on soundcloud entitled ‘Cellar Door’. The track proves to be another banger, being instantly drawn into the song by the arpeggiated guitar lines, and quaint vocals that open the track up, before blasting into the driving rhythms of the hooky, grunge influenced chorus.

Yes, It’s evident the band draws in sounds from previous decades such as the 90’s with it’s chorus/flange and fuzz effects, but this doesn’t seem to be an issue at this time, with the current resurgence of grunge sounds and characteristics from this era.  I especially like the links before the chorus, making you feel like you have been thrown in the washing machine and pulled out again by the time the chorus hits you. The track builds up to an anthemic final chorus with the howling guitar and vocals, ending the track on a high note, and leaving yourself begging the question, ‘Which way to the Cellar Door’?! 

Babypink play the Birmingham Institute tomorrow with Catfish and the Bottlemen and Little Comets.

Listen to ‘Cellar Door’ here
By Tom Barr

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