BAND OF THE WEEK: The Family Rain (UK)

I’ve been waiting for several weeks last begin of summer to see The Familly Rain live at Southside Festival in Germany, they had the opportunity to open up the great stages and totally went mad. Their own particular white socks and Dr. Martens shoestyle got me. Very authentic and without any problem you be thinkin’ they’re going big. What happenend so far is EXCACTLY what I just said. They went on a great label, had several tourslots within Bugg and Miles Kane and many others. The concept of three brothers always works if they’re very good looking and doing some nasty rock’n’roll on stage. We got a nice chat with one of the guys and it’s no myth it took a bit longer to upload it. We also have a beautiful review by Ben Robinson, one of our new talented contributor, who gave the Family Rain’s Debut Album “Under The Volcano” a HUGE go… But surely wasn’t the reason why it took so long. Anyways…

1. The Family Rain. Sounds like a classic family member line up of brothers and stuff. HA, but I’m not aiming for such a thing. So here is my first Question for you boys: I heard you have been recording with Sinatras’ tools?

“Haha yeah that’s right, parts of the song ‘Binocular’ we’re recorded through a desk that was built for Frank Sinatra to have in his house. It was bought by the studio we recorded in so we HAD to use it!”

2. Tell me about your gear you’re using, seems like you got a love for hollowbodie basses?

“Yeah Will has used a Hofner Club bass on a couple of tracks on the recorded. Gear wise we are pretty basic though really, plenty of fuzz and distortion to make our three piece sound as big as possible.”


3. “Under the Volcano” is a pretty catchy name, what other album titles did you have in mind?

“None to be honest, we always knew this would be the album title. It is the title of a book/ film that we all love.”

4. I live in Baden which means “to bath”. It was an old Roman meeting point to relax and get the meaningful ppl downhere to chill out. By myself I have been in Bath, England aswell. Tell me more about the history from where you come from and how it has been influencing The Family Rain.

“Well, it sounds kind of similar to Baden! It is a very attractive city and a great place to grow up. Although the fact that it is quite small and is often cold and rainy because it is in England has always given us aspirations to do what we do so we can travel the world and visit more exotic places!”

5. I followed you since the beginning (check), and I was wondering if you ever will come down again for switzerland in the german part.

“Thanks! We will almost definitely be coming your way soon!

Cheers man!”

THE FAMILY RAIN – “U N D E R  T H E  V O L C A N O” – ALBUM REVIEW © written by Ben RobinsonImage

One of the most exciting new guitar bands deliver a decent debut
which leaves the listener itching for more.
The Family Rain are a bath based band made up of three brothers, this is their first
full length album release and it was produced by Jim Abbiss who also worked on
Arctic Monkeys opening album ‘Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not’ and
Bombay Bicycle Club’s ‘I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose’. Their striking,
heavy riff based bluesy rock blew me away when I saw them on the Miles Kane tour as
his supporting act and their live performances have been impressing audiences for
the past couple of years now.

The album opens with three singles that were released prior to the album, the first
of which ‘Carnival’ opens with a thick, deep bass that continues throughout the song
and gives it a superb raw rock edge, William Walters gritty vocals add menace to this,
already hard-hitting number. The follow up is the bands debut single that has been
around since November 2012 ‘Trust Me… I’m A Genius’. This song, in a similar way to
the opener has a few heavy guitar moments, with a brilliant lead guitar solo which
comes towards the end of the song, but it also contains a delightful bit of keyboard
work that opens and closes the song. The final song that completes this opening trio
is ‘Feel Better (FRANK)’ another rough rock number with an unbelievably catchy
chorus that fans will be yelling along to at live gigs.

Track five ‘Reason To Die’ was another single, released pre album and, in my opinion, is
the best song on the entire album. It begins with a glorious, powerful base line, that
immediately has me hooked with the song. William Walters snarls over the top of this
boisterous number with his edgy vocals. The full guitar sound kicks in for the chorus’
with a gorgeous and effective variation from the opening riff, played in the same key
(B-Minor) but slightly higher. This is quite comparable to Wolfmother’s song
‘Dimension’. The lyrics in the chorus “I’m holding you up for your life, you question
your will to survive” really go well with the violent, rowdy nature of this track. This is
easily one of the best British indie rock songs of the past couple of years.

‘Binocular’ is the next track on the album and has a happy, neat opening guitar hook
that introduces the song. The song has quite a cheerful feel throughout and is
certainly another highlight on the album with an enjoyable chorus and some handy
guitar and drum work, a well-rounded rock tune. The following song ‘On My Back’
starts with another vociferous bass line, something that is common, and successful
throughout the album.

The other stand out track on the album is track eight ‘Pushing It’, this song confirms
what is already clear on this album, and that is that the Family Rain know how to write
a good bass groove, as this number starts with a fresh, bold, head banging guitar hook
and some hefty drum beats. It begins with quite slowly then as we reach the end of
the first verse, the guitars and drums quicken in to a fast tempo rock refrain, which
will get fans leaping around during festivals this summer.

This is a really well constructed and refreshing album from the bath brothers and is
one of the more impressive and brutal indie rock records of recent years, with bass
lines that could give Arctic Monkeys ‘Teddy Picker’ a run for its money. I can’t fault
much of the song writing on this album either, my only real complaint is that I wanted
more. If, like me, you have been following the Family Rain for a while, you’d know that five of the tracks on this LP were released as singles beforehand, and with the album only being ten tracks, it almost feels as if I’ve heard it all before. So while the album really is fantastic, and if you haven’t listened to the Family Rain much before then it is a must buy, I would have liked a few more tunes from the Bath boys.

Overall, however, a promising start for the Family Rain, and a good sign of things to come for gritty Brit rock.
Rating: 8/10

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