ImageWet Moss is a Psychadelic Rockband from the north of Switzerland. They’ve been excisting for several years now under different band and stage names. However, the Wet Moss result is clear. A defined new era and sound on which they can surely be proud of. In my opinion they are one of Switzerland’s best live bands and are, each and one of them, experimental “Gyro Gearlooses”.

They all share the love of nice instruments and give all their heart into it. I’ve seen them live many times and been visiting them in their rehearsing room. What I can tell so far, wich isn’t a miracle though, it’s pretty hardwork what they are doing to get themselves out as much as they can. Nevertheless they gave themselves a little winter break.

But have you had an eye outside your window? Today I saw bugs fucking each other for the first time in 2014. One significent sign of beatiful spring innit?! And guess what: WET MOSS ARE BACK. Why and what they brought with ’em, that’s what Jacky “Wilson Moss” Monteleone told me. Have a read dear reader of Hey Indie . . .

1. Wet Moss has been away quite a while… What happened so far since you supported the Band Kadavar back in Fall 2013?

“Yes, it’s been a while since we were active, that’s because some of us have been very busy with university and stuff. But we’re back! And we released a couple of new songs and two videos just recently which you definetly should check out. Everything we do, all our records and videos are selfmade or in collaboration with our friends. And that’s the thing about Wet Moss, we decide our own pace, no pushing, no forcing just pure artistical freedom.”

2. When I visited you in your rehearsing room you played a few new songs, will there be new songs popping up soon?

“That’s exactly how it is. We wanted to use our little time away to write new material and kind of find a new ecxiting side to Wet Moss. Some of the new songs will have their debut on our next concert, which will be April 26., At Langstars in Zurich. We’re also looking forward to record all that stuff and show it to you guys as soon as possible.”

3. Escape is a classical mixture of Coldplay’s epic songwriting and power. But you mix it with Tame Impala’s psychadelia. What other artists have you been recently listening? (Listen to their new records NOW!)

“Everyone of us really listens to a lot of different artists and bands. They sometimes find a way into our songs, sometimes they don’t. There’s one artist though who inspired us through most of our new songs ; Steven Wilson. His latest work is really amazing. It’s very 70s progressive rock, kind of like King Crimson.”

4. Any new toys in your room?

“Sure, I got myself one of them Rock’em Sock’em Robots from the 60s, wanna come over sometime? Joking aside, we’ve got some new incredible sounding instruments. One of them is an original Fender Rhodes, which has a beautiful and warm piano sound. The other one is a 12-string acoustic guitar. Both of them are featured heavily in our new song, currently sitting at a length of 16 minutes ! Part 1 of the song benefits from the jazzy kind of sound of the Fender Rhodes, but part 2 is all about the folkish sounding acoustic guitar. It’s gonna be great!”

5. Describe your music from the beginning of Wet Moss until now please.

“We’ve never been afraid to experiment with our music and really live out our passion. So naturally, our sound has been quite versatile from the start. At the beginning we had a wilder sound, more like a heavy metal band, you can still hear those times in our music today. But since then we’ve developed a much deeper, kind of dark grown music. You’ll hear loads of psychadelic influences in the way we play, but we have a more post-rock, prog-rock way of writing songs. All mixed up, you get a very heavy, emotional driven experience.”


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