[Introducing] KIN

The never ending talent pool of the West Midlands and Birmingham seems to be growing with the likes of KIN, a new young four piece band, still all in their late teens.


The band are producing very unique swirling psychedelic guitar music, mixed with grunge and rock elements. The band have only been playing shows since september 2013, but have already played at many prestigious Midlands venues, such as The Zeypher Lounge in Leamington Spa, and The Flapper in Birmingham. KIN Mixed and Produced their latest single ‘Charge Your Heart’ by themselves, allowing full creative control, which is never a bad sign for a young band with new and bright ideas! The band also directed and produced the music video themselves, the main focus being the TV and their swirly artwork, fitting nicely with the band’s sound.

Definitely a band worth checking out if you are into new and refreshing psychedelic rock and grunge sounds. We’re looking forward to hearing more of what this band have to offer in 2014!

Catch the band live!

March 7 – Talk, BIRMINGHAM – Supporting Platypus Baby

March 29 – Soundhouse, LEICESTER – Supporting Pusher

April 20 – Cookie Jar, LEICESTER – Supporting SURF

April 25 – Zephyr Lounge, LEAMINGTON SPA – Supporting LACED and Theo Bass

You can check out the bands new single and the video here:



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