[EP Review] Superfood – ‘MAM E.P.’

Superfood’s debut EP, ‘MAM’, is a gentle yet stern push into the arms of the band you’ll be listening to for the next few years. With tough competition from many other emerging talents over the last year from their hometown, Birmingham, the four piece have produced possibly the best EP to come out of B-Town to date.


Straight from the off they cause a raucous affair with ‘TV’ which wags a finger at the small irritations of modern society as the complacent lyrics chant, ‘I can never sleep, I can never, I can never sleep without the TV on’. The vocals, which so easily mirror Blur’s ‘Parklife’, and like Blur have done before them, Superfood are bringing back the true grit and fun of Brit-pop. Dare I say they may even be causing the start of a revolution?

First single and second track on the EP, ‘Bubbles’ juxtaposes gentle strings with a more raw under-lining. The hush-hush lyrics lead to a clattering climax to create the bands catchiest track yet. ‘Melting’ is a perfect partner track and it has previously featured as the B-side to the ‘Bubbles’ single, so it’s one fans will have heard before. It’s a more gentle, pondering tune which allows the band’s addiction to anarchy to spill over at more than one point. The final song on the EP, ‘Houses On The Plain’, is more easy going, acquiring similar qualities to that of Peace’s slower work. The hazy vocals sound as if lead singer, Dom Ganderton, is cocooned in an intoxicated Art Brut style visor.

Despite the EP containing three of Superfood’s previously heard work, it sums them up nicely, and is rounded up by a gentle giant in the form of ‘Houses On The Plain’. For those who are yet to hear any of the bands work, well, hit the play button and welcome to the sound of 2014.

Rating: 8/10

Buy ‘MAM’ on iTunes

By Josh Shreeve (@JJShreeve)

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