[ALBUM REVIEW] Be Forest – ‘Earthbeat’

This band is part of Pesaro’s WWNBB label, which stands for “We Were Never Being Boring”, and they’re not. Here’s a new album that everyone should give some attention to.

be forest

The whole album has a very clear and soothing sound, and it promptly became a new favorite of mine in the past few days.

After the release of their first album “Cold” in 2011, they now present us with a blissful surprise with the new album “Earthbeat”. About their influences; they recognise that their birthplace, Pesaro (Italy), given its quietness and solitude, writes the main characteristics of their signature sound.

As this voyage in sound starts with “Totem”, you kind of freeze for a moment while you remember the chilling goose bumps caused by the XX’s Intro in their first album. It’s like they’re successful in making you believe that what they’re doing isn’t going to get lost in time.

And about that, you do get lost in time as soon as the flutes from “Captured Heart” send you into a voyage between the old and the new era. This one is definitely one of my favourite songs from the album, given its eerie, mysterious sound, accompanied all throughout the length of this composition by a very sweet whispered voice so characteristically attached to Be Forest’s sound.

Be Forest had already caused a huge impact with their debut album, and as it seems “Earthbeat” totally lives up to the fans expectations.

Rating: 7/10


By Mariana Kouprianoff and Goncalo Ribeiro

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