[Band Of The Week] Mannequins on 7th Street

Aside from chocolate and the current national football team, Mannequins on 7th Street are one of the better things to come out of Belgium. The electro-pop duo fuses infectious lead vocals of Alexandre Lambrecht with dreamy, atmospheric guitar and electronics from Tim de Fontaine. Their latest of three singles, “Out of Sight” has surpassed almost 15,000 plays on SoundCloud in less than 2 weeks.

mannequins on 7th street

The atmosphere created by infectious bass lines and ambient, distorted vocals makes “Out of Sight” one of Mannequins’ most ambitious songs to date. This duo seems to surprise again and again with their quirky and unique tracks. I’ll let them explain more about themselves:

How did Mannequins on 7th Street start out?

Alex: We met at a jazz studio in Antwerp, Belgium where we both studied jazz piano. We kinda connected because we didn’t feel like there was many people there that had the same interests in music as we did. We both also liked jazz and these two things brought us together and we started to make some music. We both really liked the sound we got from the first few recordings and it carried on from there. We both also want the same end goal, the same place to take our music and this makes it really easy to share ideas and work together really well.

Who are your inspirations for this project?

Tim: A lot of people actually, a lot of jazz and all sorts of others. We really like Chet Baker.

Alex: Not the Faker, the Baker haha.

Tim: Well the Faker as well, but not so much.  A lot of electro house at the moment actually.

Alex: Well you listen to that kind of stuff but I don’t as much. We listen to loads of stuff really, even Norah Jones haha.

Tim: A lot of old French stuff as well. I like Four Tet, Sholhmo, Bondax. The list is endless. We love a lot of music. I fucking love Kaytranada as well, I just discovered him.

So what’s the next step then?

Alex: We’re rehearsing a lot with a band at the moment, trying to recreate the sound that we have on the recordings but it’s quite hard. We’re also trying to do more gigs and also release an E.P. or more songs.

Tim: We also want to release a video some time soon, but just new material and gigs for now.

Mannequins on 7th Street can be found at:



By Alistair Sproston


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