[Introducing] Coquin Migale

Coquin Migale popped up on our radar some time ago and we thought it fitting to give them a formal introduction to you all. They’re the four piece from Newcastle causing a stir through their infectious, very much guitar-based music.

coquin migale

Their sound ranges from surf poppy melodies to more serious undertones, tinted by feather-light vocals, and that’s just their track, ‘Icarus’. By the end of it you could well be in a sweaty mosh-pit filled with confusion as to where abouts this band sit within ‘genres’. Who cares. If you scour the rest of their soundcloud tracks you’ll soon realise they base themselves upon nifty riffs which insert a feeling that will make you want to go dancing on the beach until the sun set, before a sudden switch of tone will knock you back down to Earth.

Coquin Migale’s energy allows a schizophrenic style to their music to ooze endlessly so you’re unlikely to get bored of them quickly. You can catch them in their home town of Newcastle supporting As Elephants Are at Think Tank.

Listen to ‘Icarus’ below:




By Josh Shreeve (@JJShreeve)


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