[Band Of The Week] Moats

This weeks band of the week have been one I’ve had my eye on for a long time now and I’m sure for most of you indie music obsessives  need no further introduction to them. Nevertheless, I present to you ‘Moats’.


They’re a British four-piece whose music is pressing against the walls of their SoundCloud, ready to explode. Early tracks, ‘Toothache’ and ‘Show’ are driven at you through some of the catchiest riffs  and most powerful lyrics you’ll ever hear. Lead singer, Matthew Duncan’s, abilities behind the microphone are a pin point in the bands success thus far. His energy and raw, brooding emotion is drilled right into their music, leaving nothing to spare. On their debut EP, the addition of Asya Fairchild’s vocals prove to give an extra dynamic to their work and almost all the tracks sound as if they’ve been recorded in a sweaty festival tent there and then. You get an intimate feeling when you listen to Moats and this seems to be replicated in their Liverpool-based house shows, where sweaty pores, empty beer cans and an ear for a good tune seem to be frequently exchanged.

As each track pops up on the band’s Soundcloud, they go from strength to strength. The latest edition is ‘Absorb’. With vocals not dissimilar to King Krule and a smooth, underground moodiness to it, Moats show us that they’re serious about what they’re producing. Their video for one of their earliest tracks, ‘Toothache’, has also just dropped. It’s edgy and intriguing, from a band who are growing into a professional and classy outfit.

I managed to catch up with lead singer Matthew Duncan for a few words about house parties, a big announcement and paper mache heads…

Firstly, what’s new in the Moats camp right now?

We’ve released Absorb, and got an overwhelmingly good response. Also we have got some extremely big news coming your way tomorrow. We’re very excited about it. Also we are going to Belgium for a tour mid-April time. Things are starting to get wicky wick wick

You mention Absorb, how different did you find writing it compared to your earlier work?

The song genuinely does mean quite a lot to me lyrically and is about a rather sensitive subject that is quite personal. When writing this song myself and then bringing it to the rest of the band it was pretty surreal how quickly it all came together. I put a lot of effort into writing the lyrics and the rhythm guitar part is actually a giant mixture of chords that I’ve really enjoyed playing over the past two years or so. As appose to songs like Toothache, it has more of a raw, truthful cutting edge to it which is something that I really want to come through with my song writing.

You’ve just released the long awaited video for ‘Toothache’. Did you have such a big part to play in this too? How did the idea for the video come about?

I remember playing a gig with Casablanca at a venue in Hoxton and we met with these two dudes that go by the name of Jamie and Jamie, they pitched an incredibly interesting idea to us that involved paper mache which was a problem considering the paper mache heads were vey expensive to produce. We didn’t particularly want the video to be about something in particular we wanted to make it so you could make your own interpretation when watching it.

I’ve heard your house parties are pretty mad.What can people expect from them? Do you prefer the intimacy of in-house shows or playing at bigger venues?

The house party shows are some of my favourite shows to play, the last one we played with Juniors – namedrop. The crowd were so close to my face and it seemed a lot more intimate and comfortable but musically I wouldn’t say its as professional as it would be within a venue as we are just jumping about and having fun. Big venues are nerve racking sometimes but I think the pressure actually makes me perform a lot better.I always try to be as focused on the performance of the actual music and how it sounds but when playing at big venues it’s easier to perform better musically because of the better sound equipment.

Have you cottoned onto which tracks are perhaps ‘crowd pleasers’ yet? Which are you enjoying most right now, or does that perhaps come in the form of new material we’re yet to hear?

I’d rather play the new material that we have, I can’t wait to perform it live and release the tracks.

When can we expect to hear that? Or is it part of the announcement you have tomorrow, without spilling the beans…

Dates are still undecided to be honest but it’s not part of the announcement at all. The announcement tomorrow is pretty incredible news and I’m extremely happy.

We look forward to hearing that then. On the same note are you looking forward to hearing any new releases from other artists this year?

I’m so excited for the new Horrors album their single release of “I see you” was, in my eyes, a contemporary mixture between their last previous albums “Primary Colours” and “Skying”. I really hope Interpol release something great soon seeing as they’ve performed a new track live.

Thanks Matt, before you go can you leave us with the track you can’t get out of your head right now?

Metronomy – The Upsetter

Watch Moats video for ‘Toothache’ below:



By Josh Shreeve (@JJShreeve)

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