The end of The FLY magazine

The UK’s number one free music magazine ‘The FLY’  featuring videos, interviews, album reviews and articles has announced it will be closing the magazine today after more than a decade of pioneering new music journalism. The owners of The FLY magazine stated..

Officially closing the magazine as a result of current market conditions surrounding publishing. We offer gratitude and wish well all the staff and contributors that have allowed us to deliver the UK’s longest serving monthly free sheet. To the multitude of artists and musicians that have graced our covers, the advertisers and sponsors who have supported us and our loyal readers, we salute you. Ownership of the digital and online brands will now pass to the magazine’s longest-serving member of staff, editor JJ Dunning. We wish him luck in taking the brand forward.”

With the ever increasing number of online users,  it does beg the question as to wether the easy accessible music blogs of the internet are making it harder than ever for free magazines to market there product in this modern aged computer world. We hope we can see the FLY continue as an online distributor in new music journalism in the future, as it would be a terrible shame for it to close completely.

By Tom Barr




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