[Album review] ‘The Golden Age’ by Woodkid

Woodkid. After all the buzz, what do we really make of it?



Yoann Lemoine: a blend of many artistic areas. He is not just a musician; in his work there’s a conjunction of video direction, illustration and designing skills, and so on.

First of all, it’s quite certain that any lyrics as inventive as Yoann’s, when mixed with an interesting sound (to say the least), always have the power to get your attention.

2013 has been a good year for Woodkid’s work. He has been very well received by critics, and there’s a quite elegant beauty in the fact that he wrote and composed an autobiographical album, with such intense poetry like what you get from “Run Boy Run” and “I Love You”. There are definitely a lot of songs for all of the misfits out there. And given that it is an autobiographical album, we may say Yoann Lemoine is kind of a misfit too.

“Run Boy Run, this world is not made for you (…) they’re trying to stop you (…). Run Boy Run, break out from society. (…)”

One of the most amazing things about music and arts is definitely the capability to articulate a rainbow of sounds with really strong, well thought, explosive lyrics. These are the type of artists that stand out from the crowd, that “wow” us. And even though there’s already been quite a buzz around his work in “The Golden Age” since its release, I do consider it’s still worth praising.

Golden Age is altogether a very fulfilling experience, and if you haven’t heard the whole album, I must say that was a bad decision.

I’m just kidding. But not really, so if you feel the need to listen to something just completely different from anything you’ve been hearing lately, listen to “Stabat Matter”; it is a complex song, but if you do let it sink in, at least you can get a glance of his geniality. It is obvious that when you have violins, organs and church choirs altogether in one song, it could go really bad, but in this case it’s just interesting that he did create songs like this and had the ability to still be labeled as alternative, getting so highly recognized by his work.

“The Golden Age” is without a doubt a work based in many artistic and creative levels, and the result is an album that will live through generations.



By Mariana Kouprianoff

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