[Band Of The Week] Tangled Hair

If you say ‘tangled hair’ to a girl then they will envisage their worst nightmare, matted plaited rat-tails, but the ‘Tangled Hair’ straight out of Kingston are a math rock dream, and have been tipped for great things in the future. I caught up with Alan Welsh the vocalist for a quick chat.

tang h

Can you give a little introduction to who Tangled Hair is?

So it’s me, James and Alex and we’re a three piece rock band that play slightly intricate music.

How do you all know each other?

Me and James were in a band together called colour so I’ve known him from way back when, and Alex is actually my brother-in-law.

Who has been your main inspiration?

We’re all into totally different things but they overlap a lot as well, you know. We’re all into the american 90’s and 00’s underground scene, that’s quite a big inspiration for us. The early Foo-Fighters as well, that’s an album we often stick on in the car if we’ve got a long drive. Alex is big on mo-town and soul so that explains why he’s so sick at bass and Trood is into hip-hop and quite groovy stuff.

Have you got much in the works?

At the moment we’re writing an album that is going well in its own sweet time, so thats our focus at the moment. We’re quite slow at writing so we’re taking it song by song but we are about half way now I guess.

Got many plans for the summer?

We’re going to be playing at quite a few festivals, so we’ll be fairly busy and try and iron out any sorts of imperfections with the new songs.

In 2012 you were touring Japan. How was that?

That was brilliant, we all had the best time really. We felt that we didn’t really deserve it but when we got there there were guys that knew the songs and were buying CDs which wasn’t too bad because at first we were like “Does anyone in Japan know who we are?!” Hopefully when we get this next album out we’ll be able to tour it out there.

If you could tour anywhere, where would be top of the list?

It would be nice to hit up the states some time because so much of our influence musically has come from there so it would be nice to go over there and see how our songs went down. I think we’d all be up for doing Europe as well, we haven’t actually been there yet so France and Germany and Spain.

And you’ve just been on the road with Owen and also Tera Melos as well, how was that?

We’re big fans of stuff Owen has worked on, American Football and Owls I guess so it was great to play some shows with him. We actually just jumped on those shows as we knew a few promoters, which was quite cheeky but we got to play a few shows with someone who we really respect. The same with Tera Melos really, the first time they came to England they put a tweet out saying ‘Who should we support in the UK?’ and I replied back with us and we ended up playing a few shows with them and they’re lovely lovely guys and we dig their songs. Now whenever they’re back we try to say hey jump on a show or two and see them totally kill it.

Have tangled hair got any stand out funny stories?

… Funny Tangled Hair stories? …. Its like when someone says tell a joke and you can’t think of one. We always have fun hahaha… but that’s not really a story. We do without fail, take it in turns to buy beers for practice and really focus the practice around enjoying those beers rather that worrying about the music – that’s just a by-product of us having a lovely drink of beer.

Finally If we looked through your iPod, what would be the weirdest song we’d find on it?

I have got some very strange music, um… The guy from the band Battles Tyondai Braxton, or at least he was in Battles, his dad Anthony Braxton is a saxophonist and my buddies got me his cd for christmas and thats pretty wacky really. It worth a listen but it’s not like a kicking-back ‘stick on that record’. Not really a chill out vibe, it’s just four saxophones blasting.

No chance of him touring with you, you don’t think?

Probably not, he’s quite old, I doubt it haha. We sometimes struggle to find people to play with anyway, we have heavier sections and quieter sections and you play with some bands and sound super quiet but then you play with another and sound way too loud for the dynamic of the show so there isn’t really a settling point. Hopefully that means that we don’t sound like anyone else so maybe that’s a good thing.

Sat 3 May – Handmade Festival, Leicester, UK

Sun 4 May – Tangled Hair Headline Show, Shaklewell Arms, Dalston, UK

Fri 9 May – Great Escape Festival, Brighton, UK

Sat 19 July – Truck Festival, Oxford, UK

Fri 1 Aug – Y Not Festival, Derbyshire, UK

Sat 30 Aug – Arctangent, Bristol, UK

Above is a list of upcoming festival dates that Tangled Hair will be performing at over summer. Listen to their music below:


By Rory Brown



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