[Track of the Week] Lives – ‘White Lies’

This week’s track of the week comes from Liverpool based band, ‘Lives’, who provide us with a punchy little track which will be left ringing through your eyes all week.


I checked out this band after Moats’ suggested them on Facebook, however, little else is known of the band other than the fact they’re due to play alongside Moats at Liverpool Sound City. In just 5 days their track, ‘White Lies’ has raked up almost 800 listens on soundcloud, despite 50 of them probably being from myself…

It’s a gripping song; the rhythmic drums are overlaid by a sea of ‘oo oo’s to bring about a nostalgic feel good song juxtaposed by the much deeper lyrics, ‘why do the wrong things feel right?’. At just under two and a half minutes long, there’s a lot of promising signs  from a band I hadn’t even heard of a week ago, and that’s why they’re in the limelight this week. Hopefully we’ll get to find out some more about this band soon. For now listen to ‘White Lies’ below:

By Josh Shreeve (@JJShreeve)

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