[Track Of The Week] Raury – ‘God’s Whispers’

This week’s track of the week is an odd one. It’s odd because I’m not entirely sure what category it fits into when it comes to assigning it a genre but perhaps the best way to describe it is an alternative twist on RnB or Hip Hop.


Raury is a 17 year-old soloist from Atlanta, USA. It’s the first I’ve heard of him and I’m almost certain it won’t be the last. Upon first hearing the track it gets right under the skin and the rallying cries which ring throughout it will haunt you for days to come. Raury may consider himself a rapper and you can tell that he’s got that lyrical ability just from the vocals in this track, but the music here is just as powerful as the words he speaks. There’s hints at times of Grouplove and even Flobots, but make no mistake that Raury seems to have his own sound sussed out. The rhythmic clapping and echoing backing vocals are almost tribal like but juxtaposed with a gentle guitar strum until 3 minutes in when the track bursts into something remarkably beautiful.

Give it a try and listen to ‘God’s Whispers’ below:



By Josh Shreeve (@JJShreeve)



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