[Band Of The Week] Darlia

Darlia are the latest darlings in brit-rock and they bring with them a stinking attitude for making hard-hitting, catchy pop-rock tunes.


The band, who are being tipped by many for big things, are just starting their journey out of Blackpool and onto bigger stages nation wide. There’s only three of them but they bring with them enough ferocity to fill a room with sweaty bodies. Debut single, ‘Queen of Hearts’, is one that trips along gently to lead singer, Nathan Day’s, tongue-twisting, catchy lyrics before bursting into a Nirvana-esque chorus. Their debut EP, ‘Candyman’, which in fact comes out today, is a mixture of all the different styles they throw into their music.

The lead track, ‘Candyman’, is brooding and head-bang worthy; their finest track to date. ‘Animal Kingdom’ leans more to their pop, verging on psychedelic edge that they have, with whirring guitars and softer lyrics in tow. ‘Blood Money’ ends the trio’s trio of songs with a much darker sound that could be likened to that of Drenge or Royal Blood. The grunge influence is often covered up throughout their music but at the right times allowed to be unleashed. There’s something for everyone here.

I was fortunate enough to talk to lead singer, Nathan Day, about gaining recognition as a band, being cleaners, and why their music isn’t ‘grunge’…

First things first, can you tell us a bit about Darlia? Any interesting facts about the band?

Darlia.. a trio from Blackpool based in Manchester. We used to be cleaners at our own high school / college until we got fired for reasons you can probably imagine. Now we’re gigging and releasing and playing Tig around venues during and after soundcheck. 

You’re about to release ‘Candyman’ and it’s been getting quite a lot of air time on radio at the moment. How does it feel to get so much hype around the track? Can you tell us more about the track?

It’s great to get support from the prestigious BBC. It makes you feel like what you’re doing is taken seriously, and that’s what we want. Candyman is the lead track from the next EP. I wrote it a while ago and it’s very fun to play live.

Does the release of ‘Candyman’ open the pathway towards an album perhaps? Have you thought that far ahead?

Album.. Far ahead?! This band is the release of an unhealthy obsession with songwriting, so the concept of an album has been adapting and growing into an entity since I was a young’un.

Your music’s got quite a grungey attitude to it. Do you have any obscure inspirations to your music? What do you aspire to do with your music?

‘Grungey attitude to it’ I prefer that as apposed to ‘Your music is grunge’ because it’s not. I have always been infatuated with the power of music and the affect it has on people. The way our music sounds comes from nothing but how we do it. We don’t actively attempt to sound like any band, we don’t consciously decide what bands we should sound like. And those 2 things themselves aren’t even our ethics. I know what I’m doing, I’m playing a little game. 

You originate from Blackpool. Are there many other bands coming out of there right now? Any other bands you’re getting into at the moment?

I think every town has a bunch of people playing in bands right? It’s the audience that decides what constitutes a band. About a year ago before we got any attention we were told by a couple of people that knew us that we weren’t a band. 

We’re approaching festival season and you’ve been named to play quite a few, which are you looking most forward to playing? Have you played many in the past?

We’re really really looking forward to playing these festivals. The only festival I’ve been to was one we played in Holland the other week. That was our first festival we played. It was hella fun. I can’t even decide which one I’m looking forward to most. 

If we were come to one of your live shows in summer, sum up what we’d expect to experience in one sentence.

Potential ear damage and wuthering heights.

Darlia have a string of festivals announced in England and Germany over the coming months which are listed below, so make sure you check them out if you can. This time next year, that string of festivals may just be a lot, lot longer.

Live dates:

04/16 The Pavilion (w/ The Orwells), London, UK
04/19 Stockton Calling (ARC Stage), Stockton-On-Tees, UK
05/01 Sound City Festival (East Village Arts Club), Liverpool, UK
05/03 Live at Leeds Festival, Leeds, UK
05/09 Great Escape Festival (Corn Exchange), Brighton, UK
05/23 Dot To Dot Festival, Manchester, UK
05/24 Dot To Dot Festival, Bristol, UK
05/25 Dot To Dot Festival, Nottingham, UK
06/07 Rock am Ring Festival, Wershofen, Germany
06/08 Rock Im Park Festival, Nuremberg, Germany
07/12 2000 Trees Festival, Cheltenham, UK
07/18 Truck Festival, Oxford, UK
08/01 Y Not Festival, Derbyshire, UK

Listen to the ‘Candyman’ EP below:



By Josh Shreeve (@JJShreeve)


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