Interview with Be Forest



What is the meaning or the story of the name be forest?

Nicola – I like the name Forest, just for the sound of it.

Costanza – Yes, doesn’t have a meaning, we just like it.


Tell us the differences between both albums

Nicola – Probably the atmosphere, this new has a more tribal sound, is a more hot and dreamy record.


Which are your goals as a band?

Nicola – We love to play live in the same way we love to record our songs, we don’t care very much about where we will be playing.

Erica – Yes, we don’t expect nothing precisly, we don’t have any goal defined, just want to play and have fun doing what we like, is not like we want to be here, we want to play in New York, if it happens we will like but there is not the point.


But will you play in New York?

Constanza – Maybe in october (Laughts)


Tell us some bands you really like and listen quite often.

Nicola – I really love Girls, is what I’m listening the most now.


What are your influences?

Nicola – For me the biggest ones are The xx and Slowdive

Erica – We all listen different kinds of music and Be forest are the mix of all that bands, there is not a specific band.


What do you think about the new alternative scene in Italy?

Nicola – Yes, there are many good bands like “Soviet Soviet”, “His Clancyness”, “Drink to me”, we are all friends so it makes easier to the appearance of new bands.


Did you like Portugal?

Nicola – Yes, lovely place, we spent our morning on a beach and it was really good to relax.


Do you also take influences from cinema? Fellini’s or Pasolini’s films?

Erica – Fellini is untouchable to me, so I can’t be inspired by him, I also love Pasolini and Bertolluci, there are so many good directors in Italy.

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