[Live Review] Spy on Mars + Be Forest + Crocodiles


It was in a very beautiful night that the first band started to play in an event with three bands that could only make the night unforgetable.

Spy on Mars, a local band from Porto brang us histeria and a sponteaneous will of dancing without controlling it.

This new act did everything to get the people’s attention and proved that they had something original to show.

It was definitely an energic concert, something that caused a very intriging feeling about what will come next by the other two bands.


Be Forest gig was definitely the most sentimental and beautiful one, bringing live all the essence of their songs into the people’s heart and minds.

They played their new marvellous album in a very sensitive, harmonious and fresh way, leaving everyone wondering for more in that room, at that point it was felt that we could spend the rest of our lives in that same gig listening to the beauty of constanza’s soft voice.

Their performance was finished with a few tracks from the first album “Cold” rich in melancholia due to their guitar ryhtms, although the instrument which set apart was definitely the voice of constanza, the emotions of that live experience will be something unforgetable.


Crocodiles showed all their ireverence in the gig which was the last of the night, in a very energic way of playing they mesmerized and fascinated the crowd during all their performance.

Despite the technical problems with the drums in the beggining of the show they seemed to find their way to sucess, the guitar acid and psychadelic sounds kept the people really into their tracks and following them until the end.

It was a very good night with marvellous alternative bands who played very wisely and proved that we should follow their carrear with more attention from now on.





– gonçalo

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