Interview with M!R!M


What’s the meaning of the name “M!R!M” ?

I like the idea that people don’t know it, definitely has a meaning but it’s too personal, just my close friends know that.


Although the name of your album is “heaven” it sounds pretty dark, why so? what’s the meaning?

Yes, that fact sounds quite strange, it’s very noisy and dark. I decided to call it “heaven” becouse my perspective was to finish the album and feel good, like a relief, becouse all that dark feeling was gone.


Your videos quite share the feelings and the concept of your sound, do you think visual art play an importante role in music?

Yes, definitely, specially in this kind of music becouse the sound is related to what you think and see, so they get along pretty well.


Have you a dream venue or some place you would love to play?

I will definitely love to play in New York, I have never been to America and I would love to play there, will be a dream. I’ve played around the Europe and I really like it but never in America, maybe one day.


What is your goal as a person and as a band?

My goal is just to be happy with myself and enjoying what I’m doing right now, if I’m fine with my live I’m fine with everything,  and I also don’t think about what is going to happen next, I’m just alright at this moment.


Have you influences to write music or it is everything very spontaneous?

Yes, I definitely listen loads of bands and I think the secret is listen very different styles, from post-punk to shoegaze, dream pop, I listen many many bands so all of them influence me.


Tell us 5 bands that you are currently listening to.

At this moment I’m listening a lot of Galaxy 500 which is one of the best bands ever, also smashing pumpkins, his electro blue voice they are italian and fucking amazing, Vincent gallo, DNA and Iceage.


If you could only choose an album to listen, which one will be?

Definitely “On Fire” from Galaxy 500, my all time album.

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