Rock In Rio Review

Rock-in-Rio Day 29

Rolling Stones were the band that everyone was expecting  in this first day, that’s why not even the rain and the cold scared the 90 000 of people that were there aiming to see them in what was probably the last chance to do it live. On the Vodafone stage Frankie Chavez started to play with a reasonable amount of people watching him. With his blues that remind us to his friend legend tigerman songs, frankie chavez did certainly find his way to success between that crowd.Rock in Rio - Lisboa 2014   After him it was the time for Triptides to begin their show. Unfortunately they were not received as they deserved. They played some good Indie Rock with surf and psych rock melodies something that did remind us the 60’ and the Tame Impala tracks. It could have been the perfect soundtrack for the end of the afternoon if the weather had collaborated. As the night was falling Gary Clark appeared, the guy who is probably the one who plays the best blues currently, he had the hard task of entertain the crowd who was in such a big hurry for Rolling Stones that made his mission much harder. It was not definitely the best environment to experience the talent of Gary Clark, we just hope for his return under different circumstances. Rock in Rio - Lisboa 2014 Finally the moment that everyone was waiting for arrived, the Rolling Stone got into the stage with an incredible energy for their age. Although, the crowd only did seem to be excited during two moments of the show, at the entrance of Mick Jagger and when Bruce Springsteen appeared out of nowhere, it was definitely a special moment when they both sang together “Tumbling Dice”. The last song to be played was “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”, a big hit for a big concert.Rock in Rio - Lisboa 2014 The Rolling Stones are definitely an example of energy and longevity for those mitical rock bands.


Jumpin’ Jack Flash

It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)

Live with Me

Tumbling Dice (with Bruce Springsteen)

Wild Horses

Doom and Gloom

Respectable (with Gary Clark, Jr.)

Out of Control

Honky Tonk Women

You Got the Silver

Can’t Be Seen

Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)

Miss You

Gimme Shelter

Start Me Up

Sympathy for the Devil

Brown Sugar


You Can’t Always Get What You Want

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor)

Rock in Rio - Lisboa 2014   Day 30

On the next day the weather seemed to be much better, the sun was set, there was 68 000 of people in the festival. The first band to play in the main stage was Capital Inicial, a Brazilian band who tried to get the people’s attention since the begging something they quite did with their punk/rock sound. However, the true show was about to begin with the band Heymoonshaker, they are a very interesting band with a peculiar sound, a fusion of sounds given by a beatboxer and a guitarist, they did definitely a good job. Rock in Rio - Lisboa 2014 When the sun was about to disappear Josh Homme and his band mates appeared in the stage, You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire was the first song to be played like everyone was expecting, unfortunately the sound was not has it should be and the people in the crowd in general were not big fans of them which ruined a bit the environment.

The sound became better with the time something that was noticed in their song “My god Is the Sun” although the crowd was definitely proving that they were difficult to impress, which made Josh look as if he was in a hypnotic and zen state at that time, which is something really quite rare.

Queens of the Stone Age played A song for the Dead in the end of their show and made us wondering for an exclusive gig in Portugal with a massive support from the crowd. Rock in Rio - Lisboa 2014   Setlist:

You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire

Go With the Flow

3’s & 7’s

Smooth Sailing

My God Is the Sun

Burn the Witch

I Sat by the Ocean

…Like Clockwork

If I Had a Tail

Little Sister

Fairweather Friends

Sick, Sick, Sick

Better Living Through Chemistry

No One Knows

A Song for the Dead

Rock in Rio - Lisboa 2014   Linkin Park definitely changed, if someone in the beginning of the century had told to the biggest fan of them the kind of music they were producing I’m sure he wouldn’t believe. Although they still have countless fans whoseemed to have loved their concert, even the most cepticists about their new way of making music could enjoy almost all the tracks of Hybrid Theory.Rock in Rio - Lisboa 2014 There was still time for the show of SteveAoki, which was exactly what used to be, plastic boats, pies, just a big rave basically, something that seem to have loads of supporters, especially in this younger generation, Tomorrowland generation.

Day 31

This day was definitely the less popular one, mostly due to the different aproach of the organization, selecting more alternative bands which was not something very usual in the previous years of festival, this had obviously a strong impact, it was the day with less people watching for the concerts.

Wild Beasts were the last band to play at the Vodafone stage,  probably most expected band in the festival who came to presente their forth álbum “Present Tense”. This stage were definitely full this time and they gave the concert who might have been the best one, probably only not so good as the arcade fire one. Wild beasts didn’t only played songs from their last álbum but also from Two Dancers (2009) and Smother (2011). However, the best moment of the night was the song Wanderlust, the crowd got absolutelly over excited with that track. Wild Beasts did an excellent job that night, we just hope to see them in a near future playing again in Portugal.

Set list:


Sweet Spot

A Simple Beautiful Truth


Hooting & Howling

Reach a Bit Further

Bed of Nails

A Dog’s Life


All the King’s Men

Lion’s Share

Rock in Rio - Lisboa 2014Rock in Rio - Lisboa 2014   After the concert in Super BockSuper Rock, Arcade fire returned to Portugal with a memorable gig, they were incredible playing live. They gave not only a music show but also a visual and artistic one, playing the old time classics “The Suburbs”, “Wake Up” and the new ones from the great album “Reflektor”. The night was finished with the best concert the people could expect.

Rock in Rio - Lisboa 2014SAMSUNG Photos by



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