Interview with Annasaid



How does the process of writing work? First the lyrics or instrumental?

We record the instrumental in the first place and then the lyrics, the songs definitely have a meaning that is why we put the lyrics in the apropriate sound, for us it’s easier this way, there are bands who do the opposite but this is just the way we are more comfortable with.


Do you have influences to write music or is everything very spontaneous?

Yes, of course, we are influenced by many bands, but we all listen to different stuff, I listen a lot of breton and three trapped tigers, however there are bands we all listen like arcade fire and the classic rock ones.


How is the music scene in denmark? Do you find it easy to have a band there and support?

Yes, is a good country to play becouse the governament supports a lot all types of culture. However, is a really small country, with only 4 gigs you tour the entire country, anyway is really nice to play here.


Do you have a dream venue or festival you would love to play at?

Yes, there are some which are really special and that I will love to play, benicassim, coachella and Royal Albert Hall, is definitely a quite mitical place, so many good bands have already played there.


What do you think the math rock bands that are appearing now and when people compare you to foals? Do you think they are inspiring so much musicians as joy divison for example?

Well, I think joy divison are one of those classics quite hard to achieve so Foals are not still there. I think we don’t feel the similarities that much, inside denmark there are not much people who know foals so we heard the comparation more outside the country in tours, I guess is very easy to do it but is not that simple, we all listen different bands.


Do you prefer touring or writing?

It’s a process, I think you need both, you write songs start a tour and then write again, after touring too much you will eventually get sick of playing the same songs all the time, so they are both importante but if I had to choose one I would choose touring, is very good to see new places and meet new people.


What are your expectations as a band?

I think is good to aim high but we don’t worry that much about it, as long as it possible to live from the music is good, is not for the money at all, if you think that way you are not doing the right thing. We are also looking forward to release an EP this year and then touring and playing in other countries.



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