Album Review: Holograms – Forever



After the sucess of their self tittle album “Holograms” and having signed for the Captured tracks label, this swedish Post-Punk/ Punk band released their second record “Forever” last year, a different way of approaching the act of recording itself with a more professional and complex material, it was definitely a much more produced album.

The record seems to unveiled the inner soul of the band much deeper, the voices are intense as well as the lyrics, sometimes almost crying for help, the forth song “Ättestupa” is actually a prove of that, it talks about a practice of suicide by elderly people during the Nordic Prehestoric times.

Forever is beautiful as well as dark and intense, all the words are spelled with a living emotion, the sounds are so deeply connected with each other in all the tracks that it becomes very easy to simply love this brilliant record.

8.9 / 10


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