Introducing WULFS



WULFS is currently a musical project started by two nineteen year old friends Dan Wilkinson and Tom Barr, despite both meeting and becoming friends in 2012 at Stratford music college in the West midlands, the boys have only just recently decided to form WULFS and start writing songs together.

Both Tom and Dan have been in many different bands and guises in the past and present, Tom currently playing guitar in Birmingham Indie Rock band LOVATS. and Dan currently working on his own electronic guise JERICHO, the boys have decided to come together and draw in on their influences both old and new forming the WULFS duo, in the anticipation of forming a full live band when the pair move up to Leeds in September.

WULFS released their first track ‘Moving Out’ on Art is Hard Pizza Club, and is a very dreamy affair, the track delicately floats through your mind and really makes you think about the worrying quandary ahead of the students moving to their new homes and universities in september!



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