Album Review: Lust For Youth – International




Just shy of a year since pop-punk producer Hannes Norvidde released arguably one of the standout independent label albums of the year, he’s back with a couple of new members Loke Rahbek and Malthe Fisher. Beginning work on it shortly after ‘Perfect View’ a new sound was born through the trio’s different influences on each other. Lust for Youth always had a dark, deep lo-fi feel with his material including his previous records; ‘Growing Seeds’ and ‘Sonic Flare’.

Lyrically, ’International’ goes to gloomier places, yet the record is more upbeat instrumentally which is beautifully contrapuntal. Opener  ‘Epoetim Alfa’ has a groovy Kavinsky style beat with a croon to match. ‘Lungomare’ (promenade in English) is a breathtaking Italian spoken word track with an underlying instrumental. ‘Illume’ is a sweet summer acoustic number similar to producer Stay Bless’ work. ‘Basorexia’ and ‘Ultras’ which act as instrumental interludes between the LFY pop songs are tolerable, but they seem to break up the terrific flow of songwriting. In terms of influences, you can hear a lot of Pet Shop Boys and New Order sounds and even bands like Merchandise and fellow label mate Amen Dunes.

LFY’s lyrics are reminiscent to Morrissey’s heartbroken words that partner melancholy and the most satisfying synth elements. The album is full of darkness that leaves you with a burden of; what is next for LFY?


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