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Peace – ‘In Love’

Last autumn ‘EP Delicious’ was released, giving us a taster of the boldest sounds to come out of Birmingham since Adrian Chiles‘ monotonous bullshit. 6 months later, Peace dish up a main course manifestation titled, ‘In Love’, a sizzling debut album that will leave licking 2013 it’s lips and asking for a second serving.

In an age when all people seem to do is moan about the economy and the political regime, Peace don’t care. All they want to do is wrap up David Cameron in a velvet blanket and take George Osborne for a skip in the park. Track names such as ‘Lovesick’ and ‘Float Forever’ may appear light weight on the surface but the album never sought to make us feel sorry for Peace and their love loss and desperation at the age of 20-something because they don’t give a shit about sympathy.The world is full of love songs that offer a chance to pour your heart out, wipe back the tears and move on. Not Peace. They cut out the crap, showing a much rawer but fun, youthful side to the making and breaking of relationships.

The hefty riffs of ‘Higher Than The Sun’ and particularly ‘Follow Baby‘, shows the band become stripped back as Harry Koisser wails ‘we gon’ live forever baby’. We believe him. The diversity of Peace smacks you in the face when the funky, psychedelic beat of ‘Wraith’ kicks in.  The first single to be released from the album is an instant toe-tapper, setting any dull moment alight.  Whilst the band have their own, motives, certain sounds are all to familiar but blend in perfectly. The glockenspiel rattle at the beginning of ‘Delicious’ is almost in sync with band of the minute, Foals’ ‘Milk & Black Spiders’ and in ‘Waste of Paint’ we are transported down a spiralling maze accompanied by a mix of Blur’s ‘Park Life‘ and the Grange Hill theme tune. This concoction of old and new melodies is what makes the Worcester quartet relevant to most audience’s.

If this isn’t enough, indie-folk sweetheart, Lucy Rose,  makes a guest appearance as she sings backing vocals beneath Koisser’s gut-wrenching ‘all I wanna do is forget you’ in the clattering ‘Toxic’. ‘Sugarstone’ mellows the tone of the album before hazy and dreamy, ‘California Daze’, cushions our landing back to Earth.

If you can stretch a few bob it’s definitely worth investing in the extended edition of the album where you can hear; previous hit, ‘Bloodshake’, as well as a selection of new tracks including new romantic 80s vibes in ‘Drain’, spaghetti Western inspired ‘Step a lil closer’ and melancholy, pessimistic ‘Scumbag’.

With their debut album Peace show us they have so much in their locker, it’s scary what they’ve still got to show us. Said to be one of Britain’s best live bands about, they’re bound to have steamy festival tents and small venues cramped to the rafters (including 4 days at Birthdays, Dalston).  It’ll be no time before we fall in love with them. Peace out.

Tracks to listen to: Follow Baby, Wraith, Waste of Paint, Float Forever

Rating: 9/10

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